Gau Rakshak Bittu Bajrangi’s 2022 video used to claim he was ‘crying after police action in Nuh violence’

Gau Rakshak Bittu Bajrangi's 2022 video used to claim he was 'crying after police action in Nuh violence'


Amidst ongoing attempts to whitewash the crimes of Islamist rioters during the Nuh Jalabhishek Yatra Attack, the left-liberal section has launched a conspiracy against Gau Raksha Bajrang Force chief Bittu Bajrangi (Rajkumar). An old video of Bajrangi is being circulated on social media claiming he issued a statement crying as Haryana police are looking for him in the Nuh violence case.

Controversial journalist Sadaf Afreen said, “Bittu Bajrangi was instigating before the rally and using foul language. Now he is crying after the police action.”

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Journalist Wasiuddin Siddiqui said, “This is Bittu Bajrangi, an associate of Monu Manesar. He is crying and making an appeal before arrest by police.”

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Controversial former IAS Surya Pratap Singh wrote, “This is rioter Bittu Bajrangi. First video: He was calling himself the son-in-law of Mewat. Second video: He is crying after a call from the police. These rioters are powerful only if backed by police. Remove the police, and they are nothing.”

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Twitter user Saba Khan said, “1) Faridabad-based cow vigilante Bittu Bajrangi’s video before attending Brij Mandal shobha yatra in Mewat. 2) Bittu Bajrangi after Haryana Police issued a statement of taking action against those guilty.”

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Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee Minority Department’s president Mohammed Sameer said, “This rioter is crying. Now he understands he is being used for politics and power.”

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The video was released in April 2022

Bittu Bajrangi released the video in April 2022. He was called by police over allegations of organizing a rally on Ram Navami without proper permission from all departments. Speaking to OpIndia, Bajrangi said he had most of the permissions and went to the police station to show the documents.

He said, “This video is from 13th April 2022. I organized a rally on the occasion of Ram Navmi. News channels from Faridabad played the video. There were some permission issues. I had permission from eight out of ten departments. I did not have permission from the fire department. I tried but could not get it as there was a Sunday in between. A police official called me to the police station claiming I organized a rally without permission.”

He added, “I got emotional thinking those who do religious work are being harassed, but those who killed Hindus were not caught.” He added that he went to the police station and showed the permissions he had received to date.

When asked if there were incidents of violence in his rally, Bittu Bajrangi said, “I have organized seven rallies to date. There has never been an incident of violence. Religious leaders and saints come from across the country for my rally. There have never been any incidents of violence or even a fight during my rally.” He said in the viral video, “Let people be happy by sharing my old video. I did not issue any video statement regarding Mewat violence.”

Haryana Ab Tak, the news channel that published the video in April 2022, also clarified that the video was published last year.

Haryana Ab Tak reporter said, “We published this video in 2022. It is not a recent video.”

OpIndia’s complete coverage on Nuh Mewat Jalabhishek Yatra Attack can be seen here.


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