Ghar Wapsi in U’khand: Two Muslim brothers return to Hinduism

Ghar Wapsi in U'khand: Two Muslim brothers return to Hinduism


Abandoned by their Muslim father years ago in their childhood, two brothers from Pauri’s Lansdowne have come of age and entered the fold of Sanatana Dharma. Ismail, 24, and Armaan, 20, raised by their Hindu mother in the Jaiharikhal village in Lansdowne, were welcomed back to the Hindu faith with due process of Vedic chanting, and havan rituals. They are now named Ankush and Aryan respectively.

The mother of the brothers Sita Devi reportedly remained a Hindu even after marriage. Her husband, a Muslim, abandoned the family when Sita Devi’s four children were still very young. After this, Sita Devi returned with the children to her parents’ house. All four children including Ankush and Aryan (formerly Ismail and Armaan) were raised with Hindu traditions and values. They were never sent to the mosque.

Inspired with their upbringing, the two brothers decided to return into the fold of Sanatana Dharma. They discussed the decision with their mother and close friends. Upon their mother’s agreement, the duo on 3rd September became Hindus. Members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), and Hindu Yuva Vahini were also present at the Holy ceremony.

According to VHP’s former department head Manmohan Juyal, the family had put up a cartwheel cloth shop in Lansdowne and then opened a shop in Jaiharikhal. The family earns a living through this shop.


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