Gujarat: Hindu woman commits suicide, blames Tausif Pathan for molestation in her suicide note

Gujarat: Hindu woman commits suicide, blames Tausif Pathan for molestation in her suicide note


A Hindu married woman has committed suicide in Mehmedabad, Kheda over repeated molestation by a Muslim man identified as Tausif. In her suicide note, she named Tausif as the reason behind her drastic step. The incident was reported to the police and an investigation is underway.

According to the reports, the woman was living with her husband and two daughters in Mehmedabad, Kheda. Some time ago, Rausif, a resident of Vav Faliya in Mehmedabad started harassing her over the phone and messages. He often molested her and once even entered her house.

The victim objected to Tausif’s actions but he continued harassing her. If she blocked his one number, he would start calling her from other numbers. He also tried to extort money from her. In the end, he threatened her and said, “If you do not talk to me, I will kill your husband and shame you in the community”. After the threats, the woman committed suicide.

‘Tausif is still harassing me, it is time to end my life

Notably, the harassment had increased in the last few months. On 6th August, when she went to Ahmedabad with her husband and daughters to meet he brother, she informed her family about it.

She said, “Tausif is harassing me and not leaving me alone. He keeps sending me messages on WhatsApp and keeps calling me. I am tired of it. If it keeps happening, my time to die will come.” Her family convinced and consoled her after which she returned to Mehmedabad.

Content of the suicide note

Before taking the final step, she noted down her ordeal on a piece of paper and demanded strict action against Tausif Pathan. In the suicide note, she said, “Tausif Pathan has ruined my life. He calls me and demands money. If I don’t accept his demands, he threatens to kill my husband. Take strict action against Pathan and punish him. The reason for my suicide is Tausif Pathan.”

A complaint was filed in March

Around five months ago, when Tausif molested the woman by entering her house when she was alone, the family had complained of molestation against him at Mehmedabad police station.

If the police had taken timely action, the woman would have been alive today. Based on the complaint lodged by the brother of the victim, the police have now initiated action against Tausif and formed teams to arrest him.


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