How Islamists used social media to plan violence in Haryana’s Nuh

How Islamists used social media to plan violence in Haryana's Nuh


On 31st July, an Islamist mob attacked over 4,000 Hindus in Nuh, Haryana. Hindus were on Jalabhishek Yatra on Shravan Somvar. The way the attack happened, there were signs that the events that ensued were planned well in advance. Several social media users also shared screenshots of posts from 29th July to the morning of 31st July, pointing towards possible planning behind the attacks.

During the investigation, OpIndia came across several posts on Twitter and Facebook that showed Islamists were instigating their followers to attack Jalabhishek Yatra. They claimed Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar was scheduled to join the procession. In a previous report, we showed how Islamists shared an old video of Monu Manesar claiming it was recent and that he was the reason behind the violence against Hindus.

OpIndia investigation into Islamists’ social media posts instigating violence

We came across a Facebook user Rahees Khan Rangaliya who not only published a video of Manesar on 30th July saying he [Manesar] was not afraid of coming to Mewat but also tracked the procession.

Source: Facebook

Later, Rahees published a post informing that Nuh was not far away.

Source: Facebook

In a video shared by one Shahid on Facebook, the moments when the Yatra was attacked in Mewat were shown. In the background, Shahid kept using abusive language. Here is the link to the post.

Another Facebook user Arbaaz Khan Dahngai shared Manesar’s video and said, “Brothers, he is not afraid at all. Why is he coming when he knows [people will] peel him like an onion? Won’t you welcome him, Mewati brothers, or you forgot that you were waiting for him…”

Source: Facebook

In another post, Arbaaz claim Manesar said they would kill people in Mewat. However, there was no such statement in the video he shared.

Source: Facebook

Another Facebook user AJ Zubaid published a cryptic message saying, “If death is written in your fate, prepare to die during a battle. It is not good to die silently. Say loudly Nara-e-Takbeer Allahuakbar”. In the next post four hours later, he wrote, “Ilaka-e-Mewat starts from here”.

Source: Facebook

A Facebook user Ratti Pahat shared multiple videos against Manesar instigating his followers.

Source: Facebook

A Facebook user Aaysha Nawaj urged people to be mindful and maintain silence. At first glance, it looked like a sensible post but in reality, she had edited the post. Earlier, the post read, “The hatred gang has left Faridabad for Mewat”. She edited it and changed it to “The gang whose aim is to end brotherhood in the country has left Faridabad for Mewat”. Eventually, after 4-5 edits in 24 hours, she finalised the text urging people to maintain peace.

Source: Facebook

The Pamphlet shared a screen capture of a deleted video post by Mohd Sabir Khan. In the post, he wrote, “Monu Sonu come tomorrow; we are ready for your welcome in Mewat. You will be peeled like an onion in a way you will never be able to recover. Inshallah.” In the video, gas cylinders lined up on the road showing the preparations Islamists have made to attack the Yatra.

Twitter user Anshul Saxena shared a screenshot of a video where Islamists were pelting stones from the rooftop. It is evident they had gathered stones as a part pre-planned conspiracy to attack the Yatra.

Saxena shared another post by Juned Jsr Khan, who urged truck drivers from Mewat to reach on 31st July.

In a post shared by a Facebook user Juned Singer Manisha, he reminded his followers of taking revenge from Manesar.

Source: Facebook

There were over 5,000 comments on this post. Some of the comments have been added below.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Islamists used social media not only to instigate violence against Hindu processions but also to lay an elaborate groundwork in the form of holding Monu Manesar responsible for the violence that followed.


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