Indian Navy ends ‘colonial legacy’ of carrying batons with immediate effect

Indian Navy ends 'colonial legacy' of carrying batons with immediate effect


In line with the government’s direction to shed colonial legacy, the Indian Navy has ended the practice of carrying batons by all its personnel with immediate effect.

In a communication issued by the force, the Indian Navy said: “With the passage of time, carrying of batons by naval personnel has become a norm. The symbolism of authority or power pot heated through the holding of a baton is a colonial legacy that is out of place in a transformed navy of Amrit Kaal.”

In light of this, “Carrying of batons by all personnel including those from the provost be discontinued with immediate effect,” the letter said.

The Navy has now instructed that a ceremonial baton be placed appropriately in the office of the head of the organisation of every unit.

The Navy has stated that the ceremonial handover of the baton may be undertaken within the office as part of a change of command only.

The Indian Defence forces have taken multiple steps to shed the legacies of the colonial era and the Indian Navy changed its insignia as well.

The new ensign or ‘Nishaan’ of the Indian Navy was also unveiled last year by Prime Minister Narendra Modi where it removed the remnants of the colonial past and reflects the country’s rich maritime heritage.

The new ensign is inspired by the seal of Chhatrapati Shivaji.

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