Indore: Man booked under SC/ST Act for insulting sanitation workers

Indore: Man booked under SC/ST Act for insulting sanitation workers


On Wednesday, August 9, the Madhya Pradesh Police filed a complaint under SC/ST act against one individual identified as Maulana Shadab Khan for abusing sanitation workers in the city of Indore. Khan released a video claiming that the sanitation workers looked at the Muslim women inappropriately in the Chanan Nagar area of the city.

In the video that went viral over the internet, Maulana could be heard saying, “Now we won’t allow our daughters, sisters, and wives to throw the garbage into the sanitation van. We pay due taxes and also extra garbage tax. We’ll throw more Rs 60 per/month (Rs 2 per day) on the face of the sanitation workers but they only will have to pick up the garbage.”

Stating the reason behind this declaration, Maulana said, “I have seen when ladies from our community raise their hands to throw the garbage into the van, their clothes also rise from the waist and these sanitation workers shamelessly watch the ladies in that condition.”

The sanitation workers after the video incident got enraged and demanded strict punishment against the Maulana. They gathered in large numbers in the Chandan Nagar area of the city and protested against the Maulana demanding strict action against him. They also didn’t pick up the garbage from the area for two days.

After this, the Maulana happened to apologize to the sanitation workers who belong to the Valmiki community. However, the latter demanded strict action and said that the house of the Maulana should be demolished.

They mentioned their community sentiments had been hurt and that they are not in need of money, but respect. “He is talking about Rs 60, we can individually throw Rs 60,000 on his face. His house should be bulldozed,” the sanitation workers added.

Valmiki Samaj has now filed FIR against the Maulana and booked him under relevant sections of the law.


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