ISIS poster boy Mehmood Pracha accuses Amit Shah of orchestrating Manipur violence

ISIS poster boy Mehmood Pracha accuses Amit Shah of orchestrating Manipur violence


On 8th August, the National Conference Of Minority organised National Round Table Discussion on UCC and Atrocities on Minorities at the Constitution Club in New Delhi. Former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir Farooq Abdullah, Congress leader Udit Raj, Controversial Lok Sabha MPs Badruddin Ajmal from Assam and Simranjeet Singh Mann from Punjab, among others, were speakers.

Among the list, the infamous advocate Mehmood Pracha’s video is going viral on social media, where he accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh and other Hindu outfits of riots, orchestrating Manipur and Nuh violence and more.

YouTuber Anas Hashmi uploaded videos of the event. In the 7-minute video, he called those who directly or indirectly praise Prime Minister [Narendra Modi] and Home Minister [Amit Shah] or go to meet them should be boycotted. He further called such people “traitors”.

He then accused Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh activists of planning to remove the constitution and impose the rules as told in the Hindu text Manusmriti. As PM and HM have been members of RSS, Parcha insinuated that the Prime Minister and Home Minister, two of the highest chairs in the country, are “planning to remove the constitution”. Parcha said, “What will you achieve by meeting such people? You can only bow to them and seek guidance on how to betray your community.”

Parcha accused PM and HM (RSS) of hijacking all the institutions. He also accused them of hijacking top leadership of SC/ST, minorities [Muslims] and OBCs. “We have to identify the traitors among us; otherwise, we will not be able to progress,” he said. Parcha added, “Identify the traitors. Identify those who claim Himanta Biswa Sarma is a good chief minister. Identify them, punish them and socially boycott them.”

Parcha then tabled his plan to go after RSS activists. He provoked the attendees and his followers to identify the members of RSS on the grassroots level, especially those who have progressed financially. He said, “Identify them and file cases of corruption against them. Question the authorities on how these people got rich”.

He further urged the top leadership of different communities to come forward and protest against the government. He said, “To save the constitution, you should be prepared to face a lathi charge and jail time. The leaders, MPs, and MLAs should come forward as people expect us to be in front of them. If someone believes he is a leader, he should be ready to face a lathi charge, bullets and jail time”.

Parcha accused PM and HM of being “cowards” as they are not allowing Army to get back 2,000 KM of land taken away by China. He said, “Either PM gets back the land or resigns from his post. We will march and get back the land. This should be our first agenda.”

Parcha accused PM and HM of being directly involved in the Manipur violence. He provoked his followers to Gherao PM and HM on the Manipur issue. He claimed RSS has two affiliates in Manipur named Arambai Tenggol and Meitei Leepun that are behind the unrest in the state. He accused Home Minister Amit Shah and Manipur CM N Biren Singh of involvement with these organisations. He then made one of the most bizarre statements that came out of his mouth. He accused RSS and BJP of being hand-in-hand with Pakistan and China to weaken the country’s border areas.

He then accused RSS and BJP of Nuh violence and the Delhi 2020 riots. He called for taking action against HM Shah to the level he gets arrested as he is “the main mastermind behind all the incidents in Manipur”. Parcha claimed HM Shah went to Manipur to ensure the “Gujarat Model” was being implemented in the state. He appeared to have hinted towards the Gujarat Riots of 2002 by the Gujarat model. The left-liberal has accused PM Modi, HM Shah and other RSS, BJP, VHP and Bajrang Dal leaders of the riots. Contrary to their claims, a Muslim mob ignited the riots after 59 Hindu Karsewaks were burnt alive in Godhara.

Mehmood Pracha was featured in ISIS magazine.

Mehmood Pracha, who had called for Muslims to take up arms, was featured as the poster boy for a pro-ISIS media outlet and is accused of spreading communal hatred in the past.

As India went through communal turmoil during the anti-Hindu riots earlier in February 2020, a publication titled ‘Voice of Hind’ issued by Al-Qitaal Media Center and Junudul Khilafah al-Hind had featured Mahmood Pracha on its cover page. The cover was titled “So, Muslims, where are you going?”. It was featured with the subtitle “A Call to the Muslims of India”.

The magazine had praised slain terrorists in Kashmir. It also urged the Muslims to reject the idea of an Indian nation-state and fight for the ‘caliphate’ instead.

Mehmood Pracha had called for ‘Muslims and Dalits to acquire Arms License”

In addition to this, Mehmood Pracha has also been accused of exhorting Muslims to take up arms. In a press conference last year, Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad and Mehmood Paracha announced that they would be setting up a camp in Lucknow to teach Muslims and Dalits about the ‘right to self-defence and how to apply for a firearm licence.

Mahmood Pracha had cited the incidents of mob lynchings and the Sonbhadra massacre as reasons for conducting the camp. He said those events would not have occurred if the victims had legal firearms to defend themselves. They were basically planning to raise an armed militia to combat ‘mob lynchings’, using licenced weapons. Later, Mahmood Paracha was seen holding that training camp inside a Lucknow Mosque, where he was training Muslims about how to fill out forms for licences and acquire firearms, even though an FIR had been registered against him for his incendiary speech.

In 2020, the special cell of the Delhi Police conducted raids at Pracha’s office in relation to the Anti-Hindu Delhi riots case.


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