Islamists accuse 2 Hindus of burning a Gurugram under-construction mosque, Hindus say they were on their way from Nuh after Islamists unleashed violence

Islamists accuse 2 Hindus of burning a Gurugram under-construction mosque, Hindus say they were on their way from Nuh after Islamists unleashed violence


On 31st July, almost 4000 Hindus participated in a Jalabhishek Yatra by Vishwa Hindu Parishad. The religious procession came under attack by an Islamist mob in Nuh, Haryana. While Hindus were trapped in a hostage-like situation, news emerged that two home guards have been killed in the violence unleashed by Islamists during the Jalabhishek Yatra on a Shravan Somvar, the auspicious Monday of the Sravan month. 

The police told OpIndia that one of the home guards was killed in the stone pelting by Islamists while the other was shot dead when the violence by Islamists was unleashed. 

Speaking to OpIndia, VHP also informed that several temples had come under attack in the Nuh area of Mewat after the Islamists unleashed premeditated violence against Hindus. 

VHP also said that the violence was planned and that the stones and bricks had been collected by the Islamists at least 2 days in advance. OpIndia was told that they were using Bajrang Dal activist ‘Monu Manesar’ as an excuse to spread fake news and incite violence. Interestingly, almost on cue, several Islamists on Twitter started sharing an old video of Monu Manesar alias Mohit Yadav, claiming that he was present at the Shobha Yatra and therefore, the violence erupted. This, however, turned out to be false. 

OpIndia did a detailed fact-check confirming that the video was from last year and that Monu Manesar was not present at the religious procession. 

After spreading fake news and defending the violence that Islamists unleashed against thousands of Hindus, the Islamists on social media started alleging that two Hindus, VHP workers, were responsible for burning an under-construction, disputed mosque in Gurugram hours after the Nuh violence had been unleashed against Hindus. According to reports, a “mosque” was allegedly burnt down on the night of 31st July in Sushant Lok Phase-III in Sector 59 of Gurugram. Identified as the Anjuman Imam Masjid, it was reportedly attacked by a group of 70-80 people. During the incident, the imam of the ‘mosque’ was allegedly killed while another person was injured. They were later rushed to the hospital.

There were several social media accounts that alleged that two Hindus called Amit Hindu and Praveen Hindustani were responsible for burning the mosque.

OpIndia reached out to both the individuals who were being named by these Muslim handles as the accused who had allegedly burnt the mosque down. Talking to OpIndia, Amit Hindu said that he and Praveen Hindustani were a part of the religious procession that came under Islamist attack in Nuh. He said that they only reached Gurugram by 2-2:30 AM on Tuesday morning under the protection of the police, after they were rescued from Nue, Mewat.

Amit Hindi said that they were returning from the Mandir at 1 AM when they were attacked with stones, petrol bombs and gun fire. After that, they had taken shelter in the mountainous area. Post which, they had reached Gurugram at 2 AM – 2:30 AM under the protection of the police. He alleged that the Islamists are trying to frame them because they work extensively on the ground for the protection of Hindus. They save Hindu girls from love jihad when they get a call from the family, they work extensively in trying to protect cows and are also on call when Hindus are in duress. He believes this is why the Muslims are trying to frame him and paint a target on his back.

While speaking to OpIndia, he also demanded that the Haryana police investigate and book the culprits who were spreading fake news and painting a target on Praveen and his back. He said that because of this fake news, there could be more unrest in the city.

Speaking about the violence at Nuh, Amit told OpIndia that he was attacked and had hurt his knee. He also said that red chilli was thrown into his eyes. Further in the conversation, Amit said that he did not know who had burnt down the Mosque and he sees a dangerous conspiracy in the burning of the mosque. He also says that he suspects the Hindus involved in the religious procession had nothing to do with it.

Interestingly, according to sources, 5 individuals have been arrested in the case of mosque burning in Gurugram, none of them are Amit Hindu and Praveen Hindustani. We were also told that there could be an angle of personal enmity between the people who have been arrested and the Imam of the mosque. All angles are being investigated and strict action will be taken against the culprits.


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