Jharkhand: Dalit woman stripped naked, brutally beaten in Giridih over a love affair, 4 arrested

Jharkhand: Dalit woman stripped naked, brutally beaten in Giridih over a love affair, 4 arrested


On Wednesday, 26th July 2023, in Giridih, Jharkhand, a disturbing incident took place where a Dalit woman was brutally beaten and tied to a tree. Her clothes were also torn by the mob. The victim bravely shared the names of the perpetrators with the police, leading to the registration of a case and an ongoing investigation. Up to this point, the police have made four arrests, including two women, in connection with the incident.

The incident occurred in the Saria police station area of Giridih district. A woman from the Dalit community living in Kobadia Tola received a call while in her home. Upon stepping outside, she encountered two bikers who abducted her and took her to a nearby jungle. There, they were joined by another group of people, including a few women.

The victim stated that she was tied to a tree in the forest and a cloth was put in her mouth. The victim was then brutally beaten up. Her clothes were also torn. When the victim fell unconscious due to excessive injuries, the accused left her there and fled.

In the morning, when the villagers were informed about an injured, naked woman tied to a tree, they immediately went to the location. The woman was then taken to a hospital for medical treatment. The police were notified about the incident. They registered a case and began their investigation.

The victim has also given the names of the accused in the statement given to the police. Based on this statement, Vikas Kumar Sonar, Shravan Sonar, Rekha Devi and Munni Devi have been arrested so far. According to the information received so far, the victim had a relationship with a young man from another village. Both families were opposing this relationship. An attempt was made to dissuade her first. However, when this did not work out, people from one side assaulted the victim.


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