Jungle Raj returns in Bihar: Miscreants open fire at Restaurant in Muzaffarpur

Jungle Raj returns in Bihar: Miscreants open fire at Restaurant in Muzaffarpur


A chaotic incident unfolded at a restaurant in Muzaffarpur, Bihar, on 19th August 2023 when a group of unidentified individuals began firing without discretion. Reportedly, over 20 round shots were fired, causing panic and chaos within the restaurant premises. The sudden gunfire led to a stampede-like situation among the approximately 35 guests who were present, with everyone scrambling to ensure their safety. Fortunately, all the guests managed to escape without any major injuries. A woman sustained a minor injury to her hand and she is being treated.

Following the outbreak of gunfire, a sense of panic engulfed the surroundings. Swift action was taken as the incident was promptly reported to the police. Currently, law enforcement authorities are actively engaged in investigating the case, relying on CCTV footage as a crucial source of evidence.

The striking incident of gunfire occurred at SR Grand Restaurant, situated on Rewa Road within the jurisdiction of Sadar Police Station. According to reports, the incident involved four young individuals who arrived on two motorcycles. One of them approached the counter where Priyanshu, the younger sibling of the restaurant owner Prince Thakur, was seated. This individual inquired about the presence of Prince Thakur, the restaurant operator from Madhubani. Upon learning that Prince Thakur was not present at the restaurant, the individual asked Priyanshu, the younger brother of the owner, to step aside for a conversation.

Right away, Priyanshu, the younger sibling of Prince Thakur, descended from the restaurant. However, when he spotted the group of four individuals on the staircase, he instinctively recognised their malevolent intentions. Priyanshu swiftly retraced his steps back to the restaurant from the stairs. After this, three assailants brandished pistols and started firing at the windows of the restaurant. Over 20 rounds were discharged from the pistols, leading to the shattering of the restaurant’s front glass. Amidst this chaos, a bullet grazed the hand of a female customer on the premises. She was subsequently admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The abrupt gunfire resulted in several other individuals within the restaurant sustaining minor injuries. These injuries were caused by fragments of glass shattered by the shooting. Subsequent to perpetrating this act, the four criminals departed on a motorcycle, proceeding towards Rewa Road. Upon receiving notification of the indiscriminate gunfire, City SP Arvind Pratap Singh, Officer Kundan Kumar of Sadar Police Station, and their respective police teams promptly arrived at the scene.

Arvind Pratap Singh, SP City, said, “At least 10 rounds of firing happened here…prima facie it appears to be a firing to scare people…this was not a firing targeting anybody…we have got information on 4 people who’re involved, efforts to arrest the all the accused underway.” 

The entire incident was documented by the restaurant’s CCTV cameras, both inside the eatrey showing the panicked customers and outside showing the shooters. Law enforcement authorities are currently in the process of investigating the case.

It is notable that ever since the Rashtriya Janata Dal has come into power by forming an alliance with Nitish Kumar, such crimes are repeatedly happening in Bihar. This reminds people of the Jungle Raj years of Bihar during the 1990s when Lalu Prasad Yadav of the RJD and then his wife Rabri Devi were the chief ministers of the state.


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