Kanpur: Muslims occupy the land Hindus gave them to place Tazia, erect a wall

Kanpur: Muslims occupy the land Hindus gave them to place Tazia, erect a wall


In Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh some members of the Muslim community have reportedly taken over the property where Hindus once allowed them to keep Tazia and erected a wall there to further their encroachment.

The Hindus own the parcel of land in Bashir Ganj that the Muslims are trying to project as theirs. The latter was reportedly unable to find an appropriate location to pray 36 years ago because of heavy rains, therefore, the local Hindus had agreed to let the community use a space for their prayers, a report in Jagran stated.

Afterward, the organization of Tazia also started there. Now, the Muslim side has begun taking possession of the land and even assigned it the name ‘Imam Chowki’. Notably, no such place existed in the neighborhood.

Tazias from earlier times were kept under a tree in Bashir Ganj area, according to the police probe. When the area was flooded 36 years ago by rainfall, Swami Shri Shiv Narayan Ji Sant Samaj Gurdwara Seva Samiti granted permission to preserve Tazia on its grounds.

It was kept there for the following two years while it poured. The inhabitants of the akhada (Hindu religious organization) made no protests during the time. Tazia was housed on the premises where an idol of Lord Hanuman continues to be present. Furthermore, the Muslims chose to put it in that spot ever since.

The name of the place was also changed to Imam Chowki and the name got associated with the vicinity afterwards. Later, a wall was constructed there to demarcate the akhada from the aforementioned area. The committee has an Akhada stretched across four bighas along with a gurdwara, six rooms and a garden.

Ganesh Das Sonkar is currently in charge of the gurdwara seva samiti, as stated by Joint Commissioner of Police Anand Prakash. The body has been renewed in the year 2020-21. Tazia will be sent back to the original location if the Akhada committee does not approve of its prolonged presence.

Importantly, a previous incident involving a poster that was torn down close to Imam Chowki led to a dispute. Tension in the neighbourhood grew as a result of the same. The police commissioner then mandated an investigation into the matter which led to the clarification of the situation.


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