Love Jihad in Gwalior: Armaan poses as Rahul to lure a Hindu girl, threatens to kill her after getting exposed

Love Jihad in Gwalior: Armaan poses as Rahul to lure a Hindu girl, threatens to kill her after getting exposed


Love jihad incidents in the country appear to be growing at a rapid pace. Now, in a startling episode that surfaced on 29 August in Madhya Pradesh’s Gwalior, a girl has accused a man named Armaan Khan of entrapping her in love jihad by pretending to be a Hindu.

She distanced herself from him after finding out about his authentic identity at which point he revealed his true colours. He began to stalk, blackmail and put pressure on her to embrace Islam. He even assaulted the victim and her family members. 

She shared her predicament with the Superintendent of Police, Rajesh Singh Chandel, at a public meeting. A probe is presently underway and the police are searching for the perpetrator.

The victim resides in the Gwalior district’s Shinde ki Chhawni neighbourhood. She met a man who lived nearby and introduced himself as Rahul a few months back. They developed a friendship that escalated into a romantic bond. She later learned who he really was and severed all ties with him.

This didn’t go down well with the accused who started to stalk her and even threatened to convert her to Islam under duress. He also assaulted her which prompted her to file a complaint against him, following which the accused started threatening her with more extreme consequences.

The victim disclosed that Armaan Khan attacked her father and brother along with his uncle and family. She revealed, “I am being continuously harassed and threatened to get married by a youth from a particular community. He warned that either marry me or else I will kill everyone in your family.”

She further added, “I made friends with a young man named Rahul who lives in the adjacent street. I discovered that his real name was Armaan Khan after speaking with him for a few days after which I stopped interacting with him. He then began to bother me occasionally.”

The girl mentioned, “One day when I was going out for household chores, he molested me on the way and tried to have a conversation with me. He became enraged and beat me when I refused to talk to him. I am here to register a complaint about the same.”

She voiced, “Armaan Khan and his family have been bothering my family ever since I complained about him at the police station. My brother was beaten by his uncle and we reported this to the police as well. Now, he is regularly pressuring me to compromise. He frequently threatens me and my family and says that he would kill everyone if I didn’t marry him.”

The culprit comes from a politically influential family and threatens the girl’s brother. He declared, “Do whatever you want to, no First Information Report or police can touch me.”

According to the Superintendent of Police, an inquiry into the instance would be conducted and any necessary legal action against the offender would commence after her statement. He informed, “The issue has been acknowledged, and consequently, action has already been taken. Currently, a probe into the matter has been ordered following the girl’s complaint.”


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