Maharashtra BJP leader Sana Khan killed; husband arrested

Maharashtra BJP leader Sana Khan killed; husband arrested


On Saturday, Jabalpur law enforcement disclosed that Sana Khan, the leader of BJP’s Minority Wing in Maharashtra, who had been unaccounted for over the last week, was killed by her spouse. Following a collaborative effort with Nagpur Police, they successfully apprehended the suspect, Amit (also known as Pappu Sahu), from the Gorabazar vicinity in Jabalpur.

The suspected individual, known as Amit (also called Pappu Sahu), aged 37, was captured in a collaborative effort between Jabalpur police and Nagpur Police on Friday. He was apprehended from the Gorabazar region in Jabalpur.

The distressing turn of events follows Sana’s earlier disappearance, during which her family launched a search operation. Pappu, the accused, has reportedly admitted to the crime, disclosing that he killed Sana and discarded her body in the Hiran River.

Accompanied by the authorities, the accused was brought to the crime scene by the police. Nevertheless, the motive behind the BJP leader’s murder remains unclear. As of now, Sana’s body has yet to be located, prompting an ongoing and intensive investigation by the police. Hailing from the Mankapur region in Nagpur, Sana Khan had tied the knot with Pappu alias Amit, a Dhaba operator residing in Bilhari, just six months ago.

Sana Khan left for Jabalpur on 1st August 2023. She had informed her mother before leaving. On 2nd August 2023, Sana called up her relative Imran and informed him about her arrival in Jabalpur. On the same evening, Sana spoke to Imran on the phone and told him about being assaulted by her husband. At the same time, Imran had given information about this matter to his mother.

CSP Tushar Singh said, “Sana married dhaba operator Amit alias Pappu Sahu six months ago. She had left Nagpur for Jabalpur on August 1 after informing her mother. On August 2, she informed her relative Imran over the phone about her reaching Jabalpur and after some time Pappu Sahu assaulted her. Sana went missing after this phone call. Her mobile phone was also switched off.”

He added, “Sana’s family had complained about the incident to Nagpur police, after which a police team from Nagpur reached Jabalpur for investigation but Sana could not be traced. Her family members accused Pappu Sahu of killing Sana. Both Sana and Pappu, 35, are already married. Sana has a child, leaving whom she came to Jabalpur to live with Pappu.”

Upon learning of Pappu’s growing proximity to Sana, conflicts arose between Pappu and his wife, ultimately leading to their separation. Sana’s family indicate that she had adorned herself with valuable gold jewellery worth lakhs of rupees prior to her departure from Nagpur to Jabalpur. CSP Singh conveyed that diligent attempts to retrieve Sana’s remains are underway through interrogating Pappu.


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