Mukhtar Ansari, wife, son, and others booked in a fresh land-grabbing case in Ghazipur

Mukhtar Ansari, wife, son, and others booked in a fresh land-grabbing case in Ghazipur


The legal troubles for the family of Gangster-turned politician Mukhtar Ansari have no end in sight. A fresh case of land grabbing has been registered against mafia don Mukhtar Ansari, his wife Afsa Ansari, MLA son Abbas Ansari and three others in Ghazipur City’s Police station. 

A resident of Rajdepur Urban, Abu Fakhar Khan, filed a case on the 12th of August against the Ansari family. Khan is the district President of the Uttar Pradesh Industry Trade Representative Board (Kanchal faction). Khan has alleged that in 2012, he was called to the Lucknow jail where mafia don and then-Mau MLA Mukhtar Ansari threatened him to transfer the deed of his land in the name of Abbas Ansari, and through intimidation, the Ansari family grabbed his land without giving even a penny in exchange for the land. 

However, Khan claimed that at that time, the Ansari family had terrorised the entire region and he could not muster the courage to file a case against him and his family. But when the Yogi government took stern action against the mafia element, they found hope of getting justice and filed the case almost 11 years after the occurrence of the said crime.

Sensing the seriousness of the matter, Ghazipur SP Omveer Singh stated that a complaint was given by a businessman-leader Abu Fakhar Khan. Khan alleged that in the year 2012, his valuable land located in Roza was written off by Mukhtar Ansari and others by intimidation and he didn’t receive money in return. 

Ghazipur SP added that prima facie it is a serious allegation and a case is registered against Mukhtar Ansari, his wife Afsa Ansari, his son Abbas Ansari, two brothers-in-law, and one other person. The investigation is ongoing and police are collecting evidence in this regard. 

In his complaint, Abu Fakhar Khan stated that he had 0.029 hectares of land in front of Homeopathic College Roza. As the land was on a paved road, its valuation was high and this caught the evil eye of the mafia don Mukhtar Ansari and his family members.  

Subsequently, Mukhtar Ansari called him to Lucknow jail. Khan claimed that he was terrified and went to Lucknow jail to meet Mukhtar Ansari, however, he does not remember the exact date of that meeting with the mafia don. In this meeting, Mukhtar asked him to transfer his own land and his brother’s land in the name of Abbas Ansari. 

He added that when he protested against this proposal, Mukhtar Ansari put his hand on his shoulder and took him to a side where he hurled abuses and threatened that no one in his house will be spared. 

A few days later, Mukhtar’s brothers-in-law Atif Raza and Anwar Shahzad along with one Afroz took him to the residence of Mau MLA Ansari. Where Ansari’s family asked him to transfer the land and at the same time they threatened that they will not give even a penny in return. He also alleged that he was then locked in a room and Abbas Ansari threatened him at gunpoint. 

Further, as per Abu Fakhar’s complaint, on April 25, 2012, he was taken to the registry office of Ghazipur and was forced to transfer his share of the land deed in the name of Abbas Ansari. Afterwards, on April 28, he was given two cheques of five lakh rupees each. Ansari’s henchman accompanied him and got the cheque deposited in his account in UBI Mahuabagh. 

Later, they forced him to sign a blank cheque and withdrew Rs 10 lakh. The same was done on April 30, 2012. Apart from this, four and a half lakh rupees were shown in cash. In this way, the Ansari family transferred his land in their name without paying a single rupee.


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