Muslim villager praises Tripta Tyagi as Islamo-liberals give a communal angle to the Muzaffarnagar school case

Muslim villager praises Tripta Tyagi as Islamo-liberals give a communal angle to the Muzaffarnagar school case


On Friday, August 25, a video went viral on social media wherein a student was seen being slapped by his classmate, on the instruction of their teacher. The class teacher, who is a handicapped woman, instructed other kids in the class to slap him. She was identified as Tripta Tyagi, the owner of the Neha Public School in Khubbapur village in the Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

Since incidentally, the student who got slapped was a Muslim, the Islamo-liberal cabal got the opportunity to play the ‘Muslim victim card.’

Many Islamists like fake news peddler Mohammad Zubair, The Wire journalist Alishan Jafri and their sympathisers like TMC leader Saket Gokhale, Sanjay Singh and Sadaf Amin tried to fan communal discord by misrepresenting the Muzaffarnagar school case as a Hindu-Muslim issue through their social media handles.

Al Jazeera, which is known for its Hindu hate and anti-India agenda, also published an article on August 25, giving a communal colour to the incident. The report written by Meer Faisal, a propaganda journalist, currently associated with the Islamist propaganda portal Maktoob Media, was titled, “Outrage in India over video of teacher telling kids to slap Muslim student.”

Further, the subtitle of the report read, “Teacher at school in Uttar Pradesh state heard saying she wants the seven-year-old evicted because of his religion.”

However, first, the police and later the student’s father categorically stated that there is no religious or Hindu-Muslim angle in this case as is being wrongfully portrayed by the Islamo-leftist cabal on social media to fan communal disharmony.

Now, in a recent interview with OpIndia, another Muslim man whose child studies in the same school, has criticized those who are referring to the teacher as communal.

Arib, a Muslim villager from Khubbapur village expressed displeasure with people giving a communal angle to this incident. He said that not only his daughter but also two nephews are studying at ‘Neha Public School’ and to date there has never been any discrimination against his children on the basis of religion.

She is extremely empathetic towards the poor: Muslim villager praises Tripta Tyagi

Arib, who is 32 years old, revealed to OpIndia that Tripta Tyagi had also taught him English when he was young. He added that Tripta never treated him differently because of his religious identity. He added tha currently his two-year-old daughter is going to the same school. He asserted that she is doing very well academically and has never experienced religious discrimination at the school.

Arib further claimed that due to their unbiased approach and successful academic performance, he had also enrolled his two nephews in Neha Public School.

During our conversation, Arib recalled the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and said that even then, when the entire state was burning due to communal clashes, Khubbapur town had not experienced a single incident of communal violence. Arib asserted that the family who accused Tripta Tyagi of disciplining the pupil because of her prejudice toward one particular faith is not from his village and has moved there from somewhere else.

Mohammad Arib further said that Tripta Tyagi, who is being maligned by the leftist media and the Islamo-liberal cabal, is a very generous and kind-hearted teacher. She is extremely empathetic towards children coming from humble backgrounds. he added.

Arib further asserted that he is aware of numerous cases where Tripta Tyagi has taught underprivileged students who lack the resources to attend school for free.

OpIndia also spoke to Tripta Tyagi’s family members. They said that the school conducts classes for students from classes 1-5 and that there are roughly 55 children studying presently in the school. About 25 of the 55 children, they said, are from the Muslim community. They also added that such a situation had never occurred before and that their approach had never been hostile to any particular religion.

Tripta Tyagi apologises, refuses communal angle

Following the incident, the accused teacher admitted that she made a mistake and was guilty of asking other students to slap the minor boy for making mistakes. Subsequently, she sought an apology for the same. However, she stressed that she had no malicious or communal intentions and didn’t pass off any communal remarks as are being claimed on the basis of the video, which she claimed is edited. She too added that she was merely pointing out that Muslim mothers take their kids to their relatives’ houses during exams and their preparation suffers in the way.

The whole episode explained

On Friday (August 25), a video of a student being slapped by his classmates, on the instructions of the teacher, went viral on social media. The incident took place at the Neha Public School in Khubbapur village in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. 

As per reports, the incident took place on Thursday (August 24) when a student got his multiplication table wrong. The class teacher, Tripta Tyagi who is a handicapped woman, instructed other kids in the class to slap him. In a video that went viral on social media, the said student could be seen in tears while other kids slapped him one by one.

It has come to light that the Neha Public School received affiliation in 2019 and conducts classes for students from classes 1-5.

Following the incident, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) also took cognizance of the case. 


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