No direct involvement of Monu Manesar found in murder case of Naseer and Junaid: Rajasthan DGP

No direct involvement of Monu Manesar found in murder case of Naseer and Junaid: Rajasthan DGP


Rajasthan DGP Umesh Mishra has made a major revelation in the alleged murder case of two cow smugglers, Naseer and Junaid, while addressing a press conference on Monday (14 August). Addressing the media, Rajasthan DGP categorically stated that no direct involvement of Gaurakshak Mohit Yadav, known as Monu Manesar, has been found in this alleged double murder case.   

Responding to a question regarding Monu Manesar, DGP Mishra said, “Our team visited Nuh to investigate the matter. I would not like to blame Haryana Police. We have a professional approach. We asked them for help. The main issue is actionable intelligence. If there is intelligence, he will be caught. Let me also tell you that he (Monu Manesar) is not among those who were directly involved or were present on the spot or had direct involvement in the incident. However, police are investigating whether he played any indirect role in this case or not.”  

DGP Mishra added that the issue of whether two Police forces are cooperating or not is not something that should be discussed publicly.

However, DGP emphasised that they have received help from the senior officials of Haryana Police whenever they have asked for it, and sometimes not arresting an accused doesn’t mean that the police force doesn’t want to arrest the person. It is possible that they lack intelligence or they didn’t get successful in making the arrest, he said. 

DGP Mishra added, “We have made a request to the Haryana Police regarding the rest of the accused. We have also registered a case in that regard. Maybe they don’t have intelligence. We will refrain from commenting on them. Just like if you tell police officers to arrest someone until the accused is arrested, we cannot say that they are not doing it intentionally, or whether they are trying, but not getting success. There is no way to explain all these things. We rely on the neighbouring (Haryana) police. Whenever we have asked for help, we have received help. We hold talks at the senior level.” 

Meanwhile, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, on multiple occasions, stated that if Monu Manesar’s involvement is found in any case, Rajasthan Police can arrest him, and Haryana Police will cooperate fully with them in doing so. 

Apart from the politicking, the Islamists and leftist ecosystem have been making a concerted attempt to whitewash the violence unleashed by Muslim mobs on the 31st of July against the Jalabhishek Shobha Yatra in Nuh. For this, they painted a target on the back of Monu Manesar and blamed him for the violence claiming that he was involved in the alleged double murder case of cow smugglers Naseer and Junaid. 


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