Nuh Gurukul was attacked by local Muslims too: This is how Rajdeep Sardesai tried to shield them by claiming they were ‘outsiders’

Nuh Gurukul was attacked by local Muslims too: This is how Rajdeep Sardesai tried to shield them by claiming they were 'outsiders'


On 31st July, an Islamist mob attacked the Hindu religious Brajmandal Jalabhishek Yatra in Haryana’s Nuh. The mob targeted Hindus, their religious temples, and other institutions owned by them. A Gurukul in Bhadas in Nuh was one such Hindu property that was attacked by Muslim mobs.

The murder of Shakti Saini is linked to this very attack on the Gurukul in the Muslim-dominated area of Bhadas. Shakti Saini, 34, was a Hindu sweets seller in Nuh’s Nagina. He was abducted, killed, and his dead body was dumped at the same Badkali square where his shop was located.

Ecosystem’s ace spinner Rajdeep Sardesai was among the first few people to have given a clean chit to the local Muslim mob by calling them “outsiders”. According to the information obtained by OpIndia, upon receiving the news of the Islamist attack on Gurukul, Shakti Saini went to the Gurukul in Bhadas to save his brother who teaches there.

Shakti had told his family that he is leaving for the Gurukul, but he was allegedly abducted by the rioting Muslim mob on the way. The next day, on 1st August, his family received the news of his death.

Witnesses told OpIndia that on 31st July, 200-250 Muslim rioters attacked the Gurukul twice. The first attack came in the afternoon at around 2-2:30. It is while returning after perpetrating this attack that the mob allegedly set a mustard oil factory on fire. The factory reportedly belongs to a BJP neta Shivkumar Bunty.

The rioters, after looting the factory, set it ablaze. Hundreds of canisters of oil were either looted or burned. Tonnes of oil cake was also kept in the factory. The fire was so huge that the firefighters could control it only by the next morning.

In the Bhadas Gurukul attack, the Muslim rioters were heavily armed with petrol bombs, sticks, and weapons. The mob was chanting the Islamic war cry “Nara-e-Takbir” and “Allah-hu-Akbar”. The mob also consisted of small children who assembled at the site of violence in two small groups. The rioters had covered the number plates of their vehicles with grease which sheds light on the extent of pre-planning by the Islamist rioters.

Witnesses said that during the first attack on the Gurukul by the Muslim mob, around 150 people were present along with devotees of the Nalhar Shiva Temple besides the three teachers, 35 students, and local Hindus. The Hindus had locked themselves in the Gurukul when the Muslim mob was shouting slogans outside. At this time, the Muslim mob descended owing to the resistance shown by some locals and families living in the Gurukul.

According to the information received by OpIndia, there was no policeman present at the time of the attack on the Gurukul because most policemen had gone to save the devotees who had sought shelter in the Nalhar Shiva Temple in Nuh. At around 6-6:30 in the evening, the Muslim mob attacked the Gurukul again.

By then the resident Hindus and residents of the ashram were on alert. Owing to this the Muslim mob was forced to return soon after. Shakti Saini had reportedly left his house for the Gurukul after he learned of the second attack in the evening.

The Muslim mob allegedly abducted Saini on the way and his body was found the next day. According to a brother of Shakti, “He had gone to the Gurukul to save his brother but he himself fell prey to the Muslim mob.” Shakti’s brother has narrated the entire incident in the FIR filed in the case.

The name of the conspirator of the attack on the Gurukul has not been revealed. But the house of the local Congress MLA Mamman Khan is only about 50 meters away from Gurukul.

It has been claimed that the MLA’s family left the house as soon as the Gurukul was attacked. It is worth noting that Mamman Khan has been embroiled in controversies since the Nuh violence. He is being held responsible for the Nuh violence owing to his statement warning Monu Manesar in the Haryana Assembly.

One of the accounts also links the attack on the Gurukul to Amin, son of Akhtar of Bhadas village. He has been arrested by the police for his alleged involvement in the violence. Two cases of cow slaughter are already registered against Amin’s brother Rashid. It is being said that Rashid was caught by local Gau Rakshaks and handed over to the police. Beef was recovered from his house during raids.

Local residents expose Rajdeep Sardesai’s lies

While talking to the priest of the Gurukul, Rajdeep Sardesai was repeatedly asking whether the attackers were outsiders. The priest ignored the answers about the nearby village and then took the discussion towards the Muslim sarpanch who saved him.

The truth is that Amin, son of Akhtar, has been arrested by the police in the very Bhadas village where the Gurukul is situated. Amin’s brother Rashid is a repeat offender in cases of cow slaughter. Two cases of cow slaughter are already registered against him.

According to Rajdeep Sardesai, there are only two theories regarding the attack on Hindus in Nuh: 1. Bajrang Dal instigated Mewatis and they retaliated. 2. The Mewatis were waiting to retaliate because they were fed up with the hatred spread by Hindu Gau Rakshaks. For him, no matter who perpetrated the violence and who attacked whom, the blame lies with the Hindus.

The truth is that even before the Jalabhishek Yatra of the Hindus had reached, the riotous Muslim mob had already attacked the Gurukul. If the riot was only a retaliation to the Bajrang Dal’s response and the so-called “hatred” spread by the Gau Rakshaks, then how come the riot at Barkali Chowk took place before the Jalabhishek Yatra had reached?

Why did the first attack on Gurukul take place between 2 to 2:30 in the afternoon? At that time the Jalabhishek Yatra had not even arrived in that place.


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