Nuh: Locals attack Police team trying to arrest riot-accused Irshad

Nuh: Locals attack Police team trying to arrest riot-accused Irshad


On Friday, August 25, a police team was attacked in Singar village of Nuh district in Haryana as they went there to arrest a person named Irshad over his alleged involvement in communal violence earlier this month.

Accused Irshad was initially nabbed by the Punhana unit of the Crime Branch near a bus stand, however, several locals indulged in an altercation with the officials and escaped along with Irshad to the village

The team called for additional forces, including female police officers, and approached the village, where they were pelted with stones by a group of women.

Consequently, three people were wounded including Sub-Inspector Vineet and Constable Amar Singh. To disperse the attackers, the police resorted to shooting in the air. However, accused Irshad remains at large.

As of now, eight people have been arrested, including five women, and a FIR has been filed against 15 more.

Meanwhile, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad has stated that the Brajmandal Yatra will resume on August 28. Earlier, it was reported that the Nuh DC Dhirendra Khadgata had denied permission to conduct the Yatra rejecting VHP’s application; however, the district leader of the Hindu rights group, Devendra Singh, stated that no such permission was sought and that no permission is required to offer prayers and Jal at the Nalhar Temple.

Surendra Jain, National Joint Secretary of the VHP, stated that the yatra certainly will take place on August 28. He further added that the district administration has been informed that if changes are made to the nature and quantity of attendees of the yatra, the group is willing to comply, but the yatra will not be cancelled. Notably, Internet services will remain suspended in Nuh district from August 26 to August 29.

Nuh violence

On July 31st, an Islamist mob attacked the Jalabhishek Yatra procession organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal. The violent attacks claimed six lives. Vehicles were burnt and stones pelted at the VHP’s Jalabhishek Yatra as Islamists unleashed violence against the Hindus in the Muslim-dominated region of Nuh, Mewat in Haryana


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