Nuh Violence: Complainants they were injured, looted and held hostage by Islamist mob during the riots

Nuh Violence: Complainants they were injured, looted and held hostage by Islamist mob during the riots


On 31st July, an Islamist mob in Nuh of Mewat, Haryana, attacked thousands of Hindu devotees attending the Jalabhishek Yatra on Shravan Somvar. OpIndia is covering the attack extensively since the incident. Our team has accessed fresh complaints in the matter filed by devotees who came to Nuh from different parts of the state. In these complaints, the Hindu devotees explained how they were attacked by the Islamist mob during the Yatra. Notably, the rioters not only injured the devotees but also looted them.

In a complaint by Pradeep Kumar of village Legha Hetwan, it was mentioned that a Muslim mob of rioters attacked them with swords and batons. He said that on 31st July, he was part of the Brijmandal Religious Yatra organised by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Nuh with other devotees. Around noon, they reached Nalhar Mahadev Mandir on a bus. After doing Jalabhishek and eating Prasad, they went to Firozpur Zirka.

Source: Haryana Police

Around 1:30 PM, after walking for around 2 KM, rioters started pelting stones at them from buildings. Then they saw a mob of Islamists charging towards them while raising slogans of Allah-Hu-Akbar. The rioters attacked them with swords and with the aim to kill. Rajkumar and others got injured in the attack. He said the rioters snatched his 35-gram gold chain, mobile phone and Rs 60,000 cash.

The devotees rushed back to the temple to save themselves. Pradeep pointed out that at the temple, the rioters opened fire at them from the mountains in which two Karyakartas got injured. He said that they were held hostage at the temple.

Rajkumar from Bhiwani, another devotee, said the rioters snatched Rs 10,000, a mobile charger and earphones from him. The rioters threatened the devotees not to return to Nuh or else they will be killed.

Source: Haryana Police

Complainant Jagroop Singh of village Legha Hetwan, Bhiwani, said rioters snatched 25-gram gold chain and Rs 40,700 from him. He was also threatened not to return to Nuh.

Source: Haryana Police

In another complaint accessed by OpIndia, Shishan Kumar of village Legha Hetwan said the rioters snatched a gold ring, a 10-gram chain and Rs 25,000 from him.

Source: Haryana Police

Nuh Shobhayatra attack

On 31st July, a mob of hundreds of Islamist rioters attacked Hindu devotees participating in the Brijmandal Jalabhishek Yatra in Nuh, Mewat of Haryana. At least six people were killed as a result of the riots. During the investigation into the riots, OpIndia accessed over 25 FIRs and complaints that provided a clearer picture of what happened during the violence. Based on information available via FIRs, complaints and witnesses, it appeared that the attack was pre-planned. OpIndia came across several videos that were posted before the Jalabhishek Yatra instigating Muslims against Hindus.

Muslims have claimed the riots happened because of Bajrang Dal activist and Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar. Old videos of Manesar were circulated to instigate Muslims saying he was coming to Nuh that day. The video that was circulated the most was from October 2022. Detailed reports can be checked here.

Furthermore, a cyber crime police station was attacked in Nuh. Police officials were injured. Home guards were killed. One of the Bajrang Dal activists Abhishek was first shot by the rioters, then his throat was slit and his head was crushed leading to his death.

OpIndia’s exhaustive coverage of the Mewat Shobha Yatra Attack can be checked here.


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