Nuh Violence: Haryana Police arrest Gaurakshak Bittu Bajrangi, entire operation caught on camera

Gau Rakshak Bittu Bajrangi's 2022 video used to claim he was 'crying after police action in Nuh violence'


In the evening hours of Tuesday (15 August), Haryana Police arrested gaurakshak Bittu Bajrangi in connection with an FIR that was filed on the 1st of August against him. It is being claimed that the action is linked with the anti-Hindu violence that erupted in Haryana’s Nuh on 31st of July. 

According to Bittu Bajrangi’s neighbours, several police personnel in plain uniform raided Bittu’s residence in Faridabad. They entered his house and apprehended him. 

A purported video of the said police raid on his residence is also going viral on social media.

Around 10 to 12 men are seen running toward a house in the viral video. The police personnel can be seen in civilian clothes and some seemingly have sticks or guns in their hand. Afterwards, they come out of the residence holding Bittu Bajrangi by his neck. 

Speaking to the media, his neighbours narrated that suddenly a large number of policemen reached the street. Some had guns in their hands and some had sticks. 

They claimed that some policemen tried to enter the neighbouring house, which was protested by the local residents. They added that afterwards, the policemen pushed the neighbouring woman away. 

Narrating the incident, a woman stated that the policemen took Bittu Bajrangi by the collar and took him away.

According to some media reports, it is being claimed that Bittu Bajrangi is in the custody of the Tawdu Crime Branch. However, some of his neighbours and relatives expressed apprehension about the said incident.

Bittu Bajrangi’s neighbours stressed that the policemen did not give their full introduction. Some of them said that they are scared for Bittu as this time the method followed by the police was different.

According to another neighbour, Bittu Bajrangi had taken out a Tiranga Yatra a little while back before the incident unfolded. Apart from him, his younger brother and his wife were present in the house.

Nuh Shobhayatra Attack

On 31st July, a mob of hundreds of Muslim rioters attacked Hindu devotees participating in the Brijmandal Jalabhishek Yatra in Nuh, Mewat of Haryana. At least six people were killed as a result of the riots.

During the investigation into the riots, OpIndia accessed over 25 FIRs and complaints that provided a clearer picture of what happened during the violence. Based on information available via FIRs, complaints and witnesses, it appeared that the attack was pre-planned. OpIndia came across several videos posted two days before the Jalabhishek Yatra instigating Muslims against Hindus.

Muslims have claimed the riots happened because of Bajrang Dal activist and Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar. Old videos of Manesar were circulated to instigate Muslims saying he was going to Nuh on that day. The video that was mostly circulated was from October 2022. Detailed reports can be checked here.

Furthermore, a cyber crime police station was attacked in Nuh. Police officials were injured. Home guards were killed. The rioters first shot one of the Bajrang Dal activists Abhishek, then his throat was slit and his head was crushed leading to his death.

OpIndia’s complete coverage of the Mewat Shobha Yatra Attack can be checked here.


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