Nuh violence preplanned, mob collected stones in advance: Local VHP leader

Nuh violence preplanned, mob collected stones in advance: Local VHP leader


On the 31st of July, tensions gripped several parts of Haryana when stones were pelted at the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP)’s Brij Mandal Jalabhishek shobha yatra in the Muslim-majority region of Mewat. 

In several videos of the clashes, a mob charging in a hostile way at the yatrees can be heard raising “Allahu Akbar” and indulging in riotous activities.  A home guard was shot dead and about a dozen policemen injured as a mob in Haryana’s Nuh district tried to stop a Vishva Hindu Parishad procession, pelting stones and setting cars on fire, police said.

To stop the spread of misinformation and rumours, internet services were suspended in the region. Following the violence at Nuh, VHP president, Alok Kumar issued a video statement urging the police and administration to quickly rescue the devotees stuck at several locations including Nuh temples, chowk, and near the police station. He stressed that the yatra is an annual affair and this year it was targeted in a pre-planned and organised attack. 

Speaking to OpIndia, the VHP leader present in Nuh when the violence erupted shared details about the attack on the religious yatra. He alleged that it was a pre-planned attack and the mob had collected stones two days prior to the Shobha Yatra. He added that the mob had a clear intention of attacking Hindus during the religious procession.

The Islamist mob also attacked and desecrated several Hindu temples in the region, the VHP leader added. 

The VHP leader also stated that their functionaries had duly informed the police of the religious procession ahead of time. 

According to media reports, several participants of the Shobha yatra including women have been stuck at Nuh temples, chowk, and some other buildings after the mob started pelting stones at them. 

Confirming this, the VHP leader stated that many VHP workers are also stuck in Nuh temples. When the yatra was attacked, some VHP workers were seen asking for help. They highlighted that the mob had targeted them in an organised manner as a result of this many devotees have become hostages because they had to find shelter to protect themselves from stone pelting and gunshots. According to media reports, around 2500 people have taken shelter in a temple near Gurugram.

Apparently, a few participants of the yatra have reportedly sustained gunshot wounds.

Following the spate of violence, the police have sprung into action and a rescue is being attempted. 

Further, Haryana Home Minister Anij issued a public appeal to maintain peace and restore tranquillity. Additionally, a heavy police presence was maintained in the Nuh area when the clashes broke out. The state government has sent security personnel from the adjoining districts to the clash sites.

In several videos, the extent of the attack and hooliganism of the mob can be seen from a distance as smoke can be clearly seen rising from charred vehicles.


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