Pakistani Youtuber Nadir Ali makes sexist remarks about Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel

Pakistani Youtuber Nadir Ali makes sexist remarks about Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel


On Tuesday (August 22), Pakistani YouTuber Nadir Ali actor courted controversy for making derogatory remarks about the appearance of actress Priyanka Chopra and Ameesha Patel during a conversation with actor Moammar Rana.

During the podcast, Rana was asked to name a film personality, who looked ‘Bhayanak (ugly)’ without makeup. He remarked that there were no such actors in the Pakistani film industry and went on to claim that he met some ‘Bhayank’ looking actors in India.

“This has happened to me… I was seated when a woman came and sat next to me and talked to Salman…I did not know what to do,” Rana was heard saying. At that point, Nadir Ali interjected and claimed, “Maid hai ki kya hai (Was she a maid)?”

“He later asked me whether I recognised the woman… Salman told me that she was Priyanka Chopra…My crush died at that point,” Rana said. Nadir Ali then went on to compare the Indian actress to ‘kala namak‘ (black salt). The Pakistani actor laughed and said, “I was like go to hell.”

During the podcast, Moammar Rana claimed that actress Ameesha Patel was ‘genuine and beautiful.’ The podcaster Nadir Ali prodded the actor to describe the attributes that made the actress beautiful in her eyes.

Chehra kya dekhta ho, dil mein uttar kar dekho (Why do you keep looking at the face…Come and settle in my heart),” Ali made a lewd suggestion, indicating the bust size of Ameesha Patel. The Pakistani actor giggled at the remark and said, “Should I tell everything here?”

Podcaster and actor faces social media backlash

Soon after, netizens slammed the actor and the podcaster for their disturbing remarks on the two prominent Bollywood actresses.

“Nadir Ali & his equally vile guest Moammar Rana made deeply offensive rac1st & elitist comments on Priyanka Chopra comparing her to a ‘maid’ owing to her complexion. Domestic workers are beautiful, Ms Chopra is an achiever but the minds of these 2 failed men are HORRIBLY UGLY,” tweeted lawyer Muneeb Qadir.

“Shame on Nadir & Moammar Rana,” tweeted one Ambreen Fatima.

“Nadir Ali is so entitled man that he is not gonna look himself before calling Priyanka kaala namak,” wrote another user.

When Nadir Ali pestered Pakistani actress to convert to Islam

In June this year, the controversial podcaster was seen pestering Pakistani actress Sunita Marshall to convert to Islam. At one point, he even said, “May Allah give her the guidance to accept Islam.”

Ali’s first question to Sunita was about which religion her children follow. To this, she replied, “Islam”. The YouTuber then asks Sunita, “So what is your plan then…in future..(to convert)?”

Sunita, visibly uncomfortable about the direction of the conversation, answered with a clear no. “I don’t have any such plan at least not for now. Neither do I have any pressure from Hassan’s side or from his family. There are often such comments (suggesting conversion) on Instagram but those have not affected me.”

Ali did not stop there. He wenton to repeat his question asking if any of Sunita’s in-laws ever asked her to convert. Sunita again replied in the negative. And then Ali said, “May Allah give her the guidance to accept Islam.”

Sunita finally told Ali, “If one really wants to (convert), then, it better be from the heart or else better to not (convert) at all.”


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