Post mortem reports of two slain Homeguards uncover severity of violence by Muslim mob

Post mortem reports of two slain Homeguards uncover severity of violence by Muslim mob


Blunt force impact, large-scale injuries on the body, and injuries on the liver were some of the initial findings published in the post-mortem reports of two Homeguards who lost their lives in the anti-Hindu violence by Muslim mobs in Nuh in Haryana on 31st July.

Gursewak, a Homeguard from Kherki Dhaula, sustained an injury on his liver which led to his death, as per the post-mortem report. The cause of his injury was blunt force impact as the officials were attempting to control the Islamist mob which went on a killing spree following an attack on a peaceful Hindu Shobha Yatra.

Another Homeguard Neeraj lost his life while trying to do his duty. The report mentions blunt force impact as the cause of death. Several large-scale injuries were also found on his body indicating the severity of the attack launched at him by the jihadis.

The post-mortem reports of the two Homeguards shed light on the dangerous scale of the violence perpetrated by the manic mob.

Anti-Hindu violence in Nuh on 31st July

Bajrang Dal activist Abhishek Rajput was shot dead by the Islamist mob on the fateful day of 31st July in Nuh. But shooting him did not quench the thirst of the barbarics. After shooting him, they slit his throat with a sharp weapon and crushed his head with rocks.

nuh violence victim Abhishek
In Nuh, Muslim assailants shot Bajrang Dal activist Abhishek and then slit his throat. Image Source: OpIndia Hindi

A Haryana Police SPO, who was injured during the Nuh violence, revealed how the violence started and who was responsible for it.

Talking to Haryana Tak, the SPO says that he was injured when the stone pelting started at Tiranga chowk. He says that the Yatra of the Hindu devotees was going on normally and without incident. As soon as the crowd of Hindus swelled, stone pelting started.

SHO who was attacked by the Muslim mob (Source: Haryana Tak)

On being asked who started the stone pelting, he says that while the Hindu devotees were walking, the Muslim mob started coming out and started taking out a rally of sorts. That is when the stone pelting started.

Notably, it has been revealed that the preparations for the violence were being done for 6 months. During the attack, AK-47 was fired on the people surrounding in the temple premises. A 14-year-old boy was also shooting.

As early as July 21, roughly ten days before the Jalabhishek Yatra was to take place, Islamists had been scheming to attack the devotees, laying elaborate plans on how to go about with their evil ploy.

Those arrested by the police revealed in their interrogation that meetings were held and WhatsApp groups were created, and responsibilities were assigned to group leaders to collect stones and bottles to attack Hindu processions between July 21 to July 23, yet another corroboration of the preplanned nature of the violence that has engulfed the region since July 31.

Collecting stones and glass bottles was an easy task, a report quoted one of the local residents from Nuh who attended one such meeting as saying.


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