Rakhi Sawant accuses ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani of murder

Rakhi Sawant accuses ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani of murder


As Adil Khan Durrani levelled serious allegations including extramarital affairs against estranged wife and actress Rakhi Sawant after stepping out of Mysuru jail, Rakhi Sawant has accused Khan of murder. During a press conference on Wednesday, August 23, Rakhi alleged that Adil Khan had killed the son of one of his relatives Mumtaz, adding that Adil himself had told her about this.

“There’s Mumtaaz Ji in Mysuru who is Adil’s relative. Her son made a video with me in Taj Hotel here in Mumbai which went viral. Her son was riding a bike when Adil hit him with a truck and murdered him. Adil told me about this,” Rakhi said.

As reported earlier, Adil Khan had accused Rakhi Sawant of cheating on him with ex-husband Ritesh Singh extorting money from people in the name of her mother’s cancer, and making his nude videos after giving him drugs.

Rakhi, while responding to the extra-marital affairs allegation levelled by Adil said, “To hide your truth you are accusing me of cheating on you with Ritesh and staying with him in a hotel room in London. I am loyal, even Ritesh told the truth that he did not even visit London.”

She went on to claim that Adil Khan used to pass sarcastic comments against Rakhi saying that she cannot become a mother.

“I was always loyal, I did nikah with him. He said I can’t become a mother as my uterus had been removed. Which husband would take such harsh swipes at his wife? He had told me that I would make you look crazy in front of the media and the world and garner sympathy. Everyone knows your record over the last twenty years has been controversial,” Rakhi said.

Moreover, Rakhi alleged that Adil used to physically assault her and would ask her to introduce him to Bollywood’s big stars including Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan etc. She added that while Adil Khan denied meeting Salman Khan, the entire Abu Dhabi witnessed at the IIFA Awards last year that Salman Khan met him and asked Adil to take care of her.

Making another shocking claim Rakhi said that Adil Khan had illicit relationships with both men and women. She added after knowing about this she was so stressed that she had a miscarriage and lost her baby.

“He is now trying to look innocent. That Iranian girl sent him to jail for eight months. He is not taking her name. He has eight criminal cases against him in Mysuru. He did not speak about all this and is targeting me, why? because he wants to go to BiggBoss, he wants to do Ekta Kapoor shows and become a star. He used me to become a star,” Rakhi claimed.

As reported earlier, Adil Khan had alleged that Rakhi beat him after he requested a divorce from her. He also displayed a video of himself with bruises all over during a press conference this week.

Adil Durrani also accused his ex-wife of recording him naked over a video call. Adil went on to say that Rakhi used the same tactic while falsely accusing him of having extramarital affairs with other women and sexually abusing an Iranian woman. Adil claimed that Rakhi Sawant was friends with the Iranian woman and had paid her money to file a false rape complaint against him.

Notably, Adil Khan Durrani was first arrested by Mumbai Police, after Rakhi filed a complaint against him of cheating, fraud and unnatural sex. On February 21, 2023, Adil was arrested by Mysuru Police on the basis of a complaint filed by an Iranian woman accusing him of raping her.

It may be recalled that in January this year, Rakhi and Adil Khan had announced that the two got married in May last year. Rakhi revealed that the two had a low-key Nikah ceremony. She had also said that she had converted to Islam and ‘Fatima’ to her name. Soon after, things took a dramatic turn as Adil Khan claimed that the two never really got married and that the ‘nikah’ was also fake. Shocked over Adil’s sudden u-turn back then, Rakhi had said she changed her name, accepted Islam, loved him, and did ‘halal’ instead of ‘haram’ and wondered where she went wrong.


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