‘Reacted to Pak fans shouting anti-India, Kashmir slogans’: Gautam Gambhir on middle-finger viral video

'Reacted to Pak fans shouting anti-India, Kashmir slogans': Gautam Gambhir on middle-finger viral video


Former cricketer and BJP MP Gautam Gambir clarified after a video of him flashing a middle finger to the crowd during an Asia Cup match had gone viral on Monday (September 4). The prolific Indian batsman said his reaction was in response to a section of spectators made up of Pakistani fans chanting anti-India slogans and passing comments on Kashmir.

“Not everything you see on social media is true. It is presented out of context by people with an agenda. The biggest truth about the viral incident is that if you chant anti-India slogans and pass comments on Kashmir, you will elicit a similar reaction,” Gambhir said.

“My reaction was to a section of Pakistani fans shouting Hindustan Muradabad and passing inappropriate comments on Kashmir,” Gambhir added. 

Videos of Gautam Gambhir showing middle finger to the crowd with claims that he showed it over Kohli chants go viral

Earlier today, Gautam Gambhir found himself at the centre of a raging storm after a video of him flashing the middle finger to a crowd at a cricket stadium had gone viral on the internet. 

A raft of social media users shared the video and fuelled canards that Gambhir’s reaction was to chants of ‘Kohli! Kohli!’ because of the fierce competitive spirit between the two cricketers, which often manifested in heated brawls when Gambhir was still active in international cricket.

While the purveyors of the viral video claimed that Gambhir was reacting to chants of Kohli, incidentally, Gambhir had recently lavished praises on Kohli, rating his imperious knock of 183 against Pakistan in Asia Cup 2012 as one of the best ODI innings by an Indian ever. Last year, after Kohli’s sensational blitzkrieg against Pakistan to clinch a nail-biting last-ball victory, Gambhir had gone into raptures about the right-hand batsman for showing steely grit and determination to take his team beyond the winning line. 

The video had gone viral in the midst of the rain-stricken Asia Cup 2023, which has so far been characterised by intense rivalries and spirited competition. India played its first match against Pakistan but it was unfortunately called off midway after the Indian innings due to persistent rain in Kandy, making it impossible to continue the game. In India’s group, Pakistan has already sealed its place in the Super 4s. India too can qualify for the Super 4s if they beat Nepal on the match scheduled for September 4. 


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