Sacked Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Gudha brings up ‘Red Diary’ against CM Ashok Gehlot, says it contains secrets of corruption

Sacked Rajasthan Minister Rajendra Gudha brings up 'Red Diary' against CM Ashok Gehlot, says it contains secrets of corruption


Rajendra Singh Gudha, who was sacked as a minster by the Congress government in Rajasthan recently, has since made some startling accusations about the rampant corruption in the Ashok Gehlot-led government in the state. The Udaipurwati MLA has repeatedly made references to a “red diary” that allegedly contains information allegedly exposing corruption in Rajasthan and implicating even the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Gudha was physically stopped from presenting this “Red Diary” in the state assembly that he says exposes the corruption in the state. On Monday, July 24, he was physically stopped by Congress lawmakers from talking about this red diary in the state assembly. This came just days after he was sacked by the Congress party for talking about the atrocities against the women in the state. 

Later, in an extraordinary move, House Marshalls forbade Gudha from even entering the Assembly building. He was then suspended along with BJP MLA Madan Dilawar for the duration of the monsoon session. Gudha asserted that this was done to stop him from presenting this “red diary”.

Gudha while talking to the media on July 24 said that he wanted to give a statement on the red diary but the speaker did not allow it. “Shanti Dhariwal stood to speak and I went to him and said that I want to give a statement in the House, but Congress MLAs pushed me to the ground and overpowered me. Some of them including Shanti Dhariwal kicked me and snatched the diary from me. However, some part of the diary was left with me,” he said.

What is in that ‘Red Diary’ of Rajendra Gudha?

Rajendra Gudha claims that the red diary is jam-packed with facts and proof of Ashok Gehlot and his son’s wrongdoings during Gehlot’s term as the chief minister of Rajasthan. The infamous “Red Diary,” according to Gudha, has a number of ominous secrets that could pose problems for the Gehlot administration.

According to Gudha’s assertions, Dharmendra Rathore, currently Chairman of the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, wrote the book. Gudha is of the opinion that the diary includes all financial dealings and donations made to MLAs throughout the elections.

Gudha said that the diary was secured by him during an income tax raid at the residence of RTDC chairman Dharmendra Rathore as per the instructions of CM Ashok Gehlot.

Crying before the media yesterday, Gudha also said that he does not fear going to jail. He accepted that he secured the diary from Rathore’s residence to save the political power of CM Ashok Gehlot. “I saved him. I admired Gehlot as my leader. He asked me to get the diary containing all the details of the ill transactions. I did it all for him. And now the government is not allowing me in,” he said.

Gudha says he will drag CM to jail

Rajendra Gudha also said that Gehlot had asked him to burn and destroy the diary but that didn’t happen. “I am accusing the government of fraud and that is true. I know what I am saying. If I am wrong, put me in jail or kill me. Half of the Ministers in the Ashok Gehlot government are corrupt and involved in criminal cases and deserve to be in jail,” he said.

Gudha meanwhile cleared that he was not desperate for becoming the Minister and that if he is sent to jail, he will take CM Ashok Gehlot with him to the jail.

Rajasthan government sacked Gudha for criticising the state over crimes against women

Notably, Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot recently sacked Congress’ Rajendra Gudha as a minister in his government for commenting and criticising the state government over crimes against women. Gudha questioned his own government’s efforts to combat crimes against women in Rajasthan while his colleagues condemned the violence in Manipur.

Congress legislators raised placards in protest of the violence in Manipur during the consideration of the Rajasthan Minimum Income Guarantee Bill 2023 in the state Assembly, but Gudha did not appreciate the protest and wanted accountability from his own administration for atrocities committed against women.

“The way we have failed to provide security to women in Rajasthan and atrocities on women have increased, instead of raising the issue of Manipur, we should introspect,” Gudha said in the state assembly.

He also reiterated his statement on July 23 saying that “Rajasthan is number one when it comes to crime against women.”


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