Siddaramaiah inaugurates Al-Badr in Mysore: Know about the first battle between Muslims and Kafirs

Siddaramaiah inaugurates Al-Badr in Mysore: Know about the first battle between Muslims and Kafirs


On 30th August 2023, Karnataka’s chief minister Siddaramaiah inaugurated the redeveloped Al Badr Circle in Mysore. The intersection close to Al-Badr Mosque in Rajiv Nagar Second Stage of Mysore has recently undergone a redevelopment that draws inspiration from iconic landmarks in Dubai. As some media reports from Karnataka are calling it a new attraction of Mysore city, it is necessary to know the Islamic understanding of the term Al Badr and how fanning the sentiments around it is fundamentally against Hindu interests.

Mysuru takes pride in its distinguished roundabouts including Chamarajendra Wadiyar Circle, Krishnaraja Wadiyar Circle, and Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Circle. These meticulously designed and visually appealing intersections were conceived by the Wadiyar Maharajas. More recently, additional junctions have been revitalized in localities like Saraswathipuram, Kuvempunagar, Vivekanandanagar, Ramakrishnanagar, and Sharadadevinagar.

Constructed with an expenditure of Rs. 2.47 crore, the Al-Badr Circle features a prominent centrepiece in the form of a large kettle, drawing significant attention, particularly during the evening hours when the entire junction is adorned with illumination. Many people identifying themselves with the Al Badr Circle flock to the location daily, seeking to experience a sense reminiscent of Dubai, something alien to India, Karnataka, and Mysore.

At the heart of the Al Badr Circle stands a decorative kettle, towering at a height of 8.25 meters, positioned on a raised pedestal, and encompassed by a pool and graceful fountains. To enhance the overall visual appeal of the environment, ornamental plants and trees have been thoughtfully arranged in symmetrical patterns. Haseeb ur Rahman, a skilled architect from Teamwork Architects located in Bengaluru is the brain behind this design. While everything in the circle appears so beautiful to the eyes of a common Hindu passing by, what is the most dangerous with this circle is the fact that not every Hindu knows the historic significance behind the name of the circle and the way it is strategically placed in the Mysore city that witnessed the havocs of Islamic tyrant Tipu Sultan in the eighteenth century.

What about Badr?

Al Badr means ‘The Badr’. Badr, situated within the Al Madinah Province in Al-Hijaz, Saudi Arabia, rests approximately 130 km away from the sacred Islamic city of Medina. This town gained historical significance as the site of the Battle of Badr, a pivotal clash that transpired between the polytheistic Quraishi forces and the Muslims, who were led by Muhammad – the Islamic Prophet.

On March 13, 624 CE (corresponding to 17 Ramadan 2 AH in the Islamic calendar), the historic Battle of Badr unfolded, pitting a group of 313 men against a vastly outnumbered Meccan force led by the Quraish army, degraded and dehumanised by their Arab Muslim counterparts as the ‘Army of Pagans’. This momentous engagement culminated in a resounding victory for the Muslims, who were led by Prophet Muhammad.

It is notable that the Battle of Badr is the first battle fought by the companions and the followers of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad after he received a ‘divine revelation’ that authorised the Muslims to launch attacks on the polytheists (read non-Muslims) without being attacked first. This was the first time that Muslims following Prophet Muhammad were ordained to attack the idol-worshippers of Mecca because they did not subscribe to the faith of Muslims.

This was the first attack on ‘Kafirs’ by ‘Momins’. Any remembrance of the battle of Badr thus gives soothing instances to the minds of practising Muslims, whose religious scriptures sanction them to slaughter Kafirs without any good reason but just so because they are non-Muslims- the battle of Badr being the legitimate religious citation of the same.

India has historically been a homeland of different faiths. The motherland of faiths like Sanatan Hindu Dharma, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism, India is the most tolerant country in the world. Therefore, anything like the battle of Badr which revives the memories of Muslims killing ‘Kafirs’ (read non-Muslims) just because of what they are—is a grotesque commemoration of an event where Kafirs were slaughtered and provides encouragement to Islamists to continue dehumanising and degrading the non-Muslims.

What Siddaramaiah could be looking for by inaugurating this Badr circle in Mysore?

Siddaramaiah inaugurating the Badr Circle in Mysore essentially has Islamo-apologetic connotations. It is an attempt to appease the Muslims in the Kannada state who demanded deputy chief ministerial posts and important ministries to be given to Muslim leaders immediately after Congress was voted to power. Such projects play right into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists who not only idolise Tipu Sultan, infamously known as the ‘Butcher of Mysore’ but also harbour deep and visceral contempt for non-Muslims, most notably Hindus.

Medieval Islamist tyrant Tipu Sultan forcefully converted thousands of Hindus to Islam. The previous Siddaramaiah government had celebrated Tipu Sultan’s birth anniversary for two consecutive years. The BJP had cancelled these celebrations after returning to power and has been consistently raising questions about eulogizing the Islamist tyrant.

Badr, Mysore, Tipu Sultan—all these things together form a complete course of the support extended by Congress to such anti-Hindu symbolisms and concepts, whose historical significance and religious undertones often go unnoticed by an average unsuspecting Hindu. The entire exercise is touted as an exercise into embracing inclusivity, whereas in reality, it is nothing short of the appeasement of Islamists.

Initially, there’s a mosque named after Badr. Subsequently, a neighbouring circle identified by the prominent mosque comes up. Gradually, the name Badr is mainstreamed into local psyche without the majority realising its religious significance, especially in an Islamic context. Then, the government releases substantial funds to beautify the square with Middle-eastern embellishments—an Arabic-style decorative kettle— perhaps to win over the local Muslim community. All of this takes place even as an average Hindu passerby, who remains busy in his daily life, could not grasp the subtle implications of Islamism associated with the landmark.

Muslim appeasement has been the policy of the Siddaramaiah government from Day 1.

One must not forget that this fanning of Muslim religious sentiments is no different than what the Congress chief minister had guaranteed in the very first meeting after taking the oath. On Tuesday, 23rd May 2023, Karnataka’s chief minister Siddarmaiah gave instructions to the state police to initiate “ruthless action” against provocative posts on social media in the state. Was this action against Hindus posting something on social media? While Siddarmaiah talked about not tolerating hooliganism, he initially kept unclear what is going to be his government’s stand against the Islamists in the state. But his actions in the next two months made it clear what he meant.

Muslim religious public figures vocally asking the Congress government to give important ministries to Muslim leaders in exchange for the dedication the Muslim vote bank showed towards the party was perfectly in line with the appeasement policies offered in the manifesto of the Congress. Congress had vowed to ban Bajrang Dal in the state to appease the Muslims. However, the government has yet to pass an order proscribing the Hindu advocacy group.

Siddaramaiah government allegedly collaborated with leftwing propaganda website Alt News to ‘debunk’ fake news

Within two months of forming the government, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah directed the Departments of Information Technology, Biotechnology and Home Affairs to take action against those who supposedly post fake news. On 24 July 2023, a report published by the Kannada newspaper Vijayvani said that the Karnataka government will seek help from dubious fact-checking portal ‘Alt News’ to fight misinformation.

Earlier in June, Congress MLA Priyank Kharge publicly displayed his camaraderie with Alt News co-founder Mohammed Zubair by referring to the latter as ‘chief.’ Interestingly, Kharge heads the same IT and biotechnology Departments, which are now entrusted to set up the ‘fact-checking unit.’

Alt News is anything but a fact-checking agency

The ‘fact checking’ portal, run by Pratik Sinha and Mohammed Zubair, has disseminated and amplified fake news on several instances. This is without accounting for the numerous lies peddled by the founders of the Alt News themselves. Moreover, Mohammed Zubair is known for sharing a cropped video of a TV debate in which BJP’s former spokesperson Nupur Sharma made allegedly insulting remarks against Islamic Prophet Muhammad. The mobs of Muslims came to the streets in protest in various cities across the country.

These protests turned violent causing damages to the properties worth crores. Besides, 6 innocent Hindus were beheaded in India for extending support to the freedom of speech of Nupur Sharma in their social media posts. This whole mess was initiated after Mohammed Zubair dog-whistled Islamists by sharing the clipped video. The Siddaramaiah Government is collaborating with Mohammed Zubair’s ‘Alt News’ for ‘fact-checking’.

It is essential to highlight that the Congress party received support from the SDPI, which is the political arm of the banned Islamist extremist group PFI. The PFI has expressed a desire to transform India into an Islamic nation by 2047 and has advocated for policies that have raised concerns about the safety of Hindus. Additionally, Siddaramaiah has previously celebrated Tipu Jayanti with great enthusiasm. Now, he has participated in the inauguration of a redeveloped circle named after the battle of Badr.

If the Chief Minister celebrates Islamic tyrants like Tipu Sultan and inaugurates circles named after the battle of Badr, known for the Islamic slaughter of innocent non-Muslims, it is a message to Hindus, especially in Karnataka, that a Congress rule in the state stands for polarising figures and incidents—a stark contrast to the historical and civilisational plurality of India.


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