Surat-based architect creates portrait of PM Modi using 7200 diamonds

Surat-based architect creates portrait of PM Modi using 7200 diamonds


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity is well-known, transcending age groups and borders. His supporters express their admiration in various ways, both in India and abroad. A talented architect from Surat, Gujarat, has created an exceptional portrait of the Prime Minister using 7,200 diamonds. This young artist aims to present this remarkable gift to PM Modi on his 73rd birthday, which falls on September 17.

Vipul Jepiwala, a resident of Surat, is not only an architect and engineer by profession but also an ardent admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. While his primary business involves designing homes, he developed a new passion for creating portraits. As Prime Minister Modi’s 73rd birthday approached, Vipul decided to do something extraordinary. He embarked on the ambitious project of crafting a portrait of the Prime Minister adorned with diamonds, setting it apart from ordinary portraits.

Diamonds used in the Modi portrait

Vipul’s remarkable portrait of Prime Minister Modi is adorned with a staggering total of 7,200 diamonds. He meticulously chose diamonds in four distinct colours to create this masterpiece. White diamonds were employed for depicting the beard and hair, while skin-coloured diamonds were selected for the face. Additionally, different-coloured diamonds were utilised to craft the coat. Vipul dedicated approximately three months of painstaking effort to complete this extraordinary portrait.

The inspiration for creating this diamond portrait struck Vipul when he observed Prime Minister Modi presenting diamonds to the First Lady during his visit to the United States. This gesture ignited Vipul’s creative spark, motivating him to craft a diamond-studded portrait. Although this marks Vipul’s first-ever diamond portrait, he dedicated approximately three and a half months to its meticulous preparation. His ultimate wish is for PM Modi to graciously accept this unique creation as a heartfelt gift.

Vipul personally handpicked each and every diamond adorning this portrait. When inquired about the value of this masterpiece and the diamonds it contains, he humbly stated that its worth is immeasurable compared to Prime Minister Modi. The architect from Surat aspires for this diamond-studded portrait of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, crafted from 7200 diamonds, to reach its intended recipient.


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