Trouble mounts for Nasrulla Khan and family after Anju settles in Pakistan

Trouble mounts for Nasrulla Khan and family after Anju settles in Pakistan


The love story of Anju with Nasrulla, her ‘friend’ from across the border, has been in the news in both countries after she left India for Pakistan. Amidst the buzz of Anju converting her religion to Islam and performing Nikah with Nasrulla Khan, reports have emerged that trouble has mounted for her parents and in-laws’ after she decided to settle in Pakistan post her Nikah.

Anju was previously married to Arvind from Uttar Pradesh, however, recently reports emerged that Anju had changed her name to Fatima after converting her religion to Islam post nikah. Soon after this news, the Pakistani government became exceptionally kind to Anju aka Fatima. She received a job offer from a company on the orders of the Shehbaz Sharif-led administration.

A Pakistani businessman has given her a house worth 40 lakhs. Mohsin Khan Abbasi, the chief executive officer of a real estate company based in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, visited the couple at their residence and presented a cheque, the amount of which was not known, and a land document to make her feel at home in the country.

However, everything doesn’t seem to be fine in her newfound happiness. Her second husband’s life has reportedly become quite difficult as a result of their union. His family’s life as well as that of the neighbours has also turned more challenging.

Neighbours issue ultimatum to Anju’s new husband Nasrulla’s family

Nasrulla hails from the Upper Dir part of the region where women are expected to be meek and docile and aren’t allowed to wander outside their homes. Now, all of the local media wants to meet the couple after their marriage, but he is upset about the commotion and does not want to meet anyone.

Additionally, the locals and the lives of his family members are greatly disturbed as a result of the same. They like to maintain the calm and tranquillity of their hometown and prefer to keep to themselves. However, Anju’s arrival has led to serious concerns among the community. Nevertheless, upon asking they continued to refer to her as their guest.

According to her spouse’s family, they will soon take a decision regarding Anju and their son. They have been issued an ultimatum by certain villagers to resolve the conflict as quickly as possible and restore harmony to the hamlet. Otherwise, the couple will need to find another location to live.

Interestingly, the Pakistani man’s marriage was already fixed with his uncle’s daughter before he married his Indian partner and this has caused rifts between him and his family. Their future relationship was arranged when they were children. Pakistani media sources disclosed that he first introduced her to them as a friend before they subsequently got married in court. They mentioned that although she is our guest, he did wrong by lying about their relationship to us.

Anju’s kin face similar predicaments

Likewise, in Gwalior, her maternal relatives have been instructed to leave the village, and her brother lost his job due to her actions.

Meanwhile, her relationship with Arvind, her Indian husband, has become strained, with Arvind asserting that he does not intend to reconcile after feeling cheated. Arvind has stated that Anju’s Visa should be investigated and that her documents should be thoroughly checked. He also appealed to the Indian government to take strict action against the woman as he decides to part ways with her.

On the other hand, the information that Anju is in India has alerted the Pakistani security services. Her and Nasrulla Khan’s families are constantly under close police surveillance. Notably, her visa is set to expire on 21 August 2023, based on Pakistani police officials, who have instructed the latter to send her back to India immediately and notify them afterwards.

Anju and Nasrulla Khan grew closer online over time and cemented their bond through Facebook. Following the development, they both made the decision to meet in person. She eventually reached Pakistan on her passport after two years of effort. 

Their alleged love story and how she left her husband and two children to marry him is regularly discussed, particularly on social media. She initially tried to claim that she had travelled to the home of her ‘friend’ to attend a wedding. Anju in one of her videos said that she would return to India and that she had no plans to marry Nasrulla, a resident of Pakistan.

Later, however, it was revealed that she had converted to Islam and married her Pakistani lover, when last month, a video emerged where the duo could be seen having dinner with a group of men. In the video, Anju can also be seen wearing a burqa which is imposed upon women in Islam.

Before Anju, Seema Haider came to India with her four children from Karachi, Pakistan to be with her lover Sachin Meena who is from Noida in Uttar Pradesh. They married in a temple in Nepal and are staying at his home in Greater Noida’s Rabupura area.


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