‘Udhayanidhi Stalin should also be booked under NSA’: Manish Kashyap’s mother writes to President Murmu

'Udhayanidhi Stalin should also be booked under NSA': Manish Kashyap's mother writes to President Murmu


On Wednesday, September 6, Madhu Devi, the mother of YouTuber Manish Kashyap wrote a letter to President Droupadi Murmu raising questions over the National Security Act (NSA) invoked against her son by the Tamil Nadu police for allegedly fueling tensions between two states while no such action taken against DMK leader and state minister Udhaynidhi Stalin who called for the “eradication of Sanatan Dharma”, posing an even greater threat to national security.

In a letter dated September 6, 2023, Manish Kashyap’s mother Madhu Devi stated that her son had raised the issue of alleged mistreatment faced by some Bihari laborers in Tamil Nadu through his YouTube video, however, Tamil Nadu police found it false and filed six different FIRs in addition to slapping the stringent NSA against her son.

Moreover, the letter mentioned that the video in question was being circulated since February 15 this year from Tamil Nadu only adding that the country’s print media published news articles about the same after 21st February. Subsequently, the electronic media also picked up the issue with the politicians commenting on the news eventually. Madhu Devi stated that the Tamil Nadu and Bihar governments conspired to frame Manish Kashyap even though his “contentious” video came out in March.

“My son also made a video on the news of Bihari migrant labourers, but in March, and questioned the Bihar government over why the Bihari labourers are subjected to such discrimination, but the Bihar government and Tamil Nadu government colluded to invoke the stringent NSA,” the letter reads.

Furthermore, YouTuber Manish Kashyap’s mother questioned that if her son’s video pertaining to the Bihari laborers created a situation of clashes between two states, “then how come, Udhaynidhi Stalin, has not been booked under the National Security Act or jailed since being a minister, his remarks against Sanatan Dharma could have sparked clashes across the country.”

Letter by YouTuber Manish Kashyap’s mother to President Droupadi Murmu (Image via Sach Tak News)

Manish Kashyap’s mother demanded that if the constitution is same for all then even Udhaynidhi Stalin should be booked under the NSA too. Moreover, she demanded that an independent committee formed by the Supreme Court should investigate the video of the migrant Bihari labourers.

Concluding the letter, Madhu Devi hoped that President Droupadi Murmu would ensure justice and that the son of the chief minister would also face the same punishment as any ordinary citizen faced for the violation of the law.

“I am not well educated but I am the wife of a soldier and mother of a brave son. I am hopeful that honorable President will do justice with my son and the chief minister’s son will face the same punishment decided by the court as faced by any other citizen of Bharat,” the letter added.

Meanwhile, Manish Kashyap’s brother Karan Kashyap has confirmed that the said letter has been sent to President Murmu. In a Sach Tak News report, he reiterated his mother Madhu Devi’s assertions and said that “it is the ordeal of a man who used to struggle for the youth of Bihar and their issues and how the NSA was invoked against him. It is the letter from a woman whose husband laid his life in the Kargil War and is the daughter-in-law of a soldier who made the supreme sacrifice in the war against China.”

Karan Kashyap said that he is hopeful to get to meet President Murmu soon. Manish Kashyap’s brother said that the law is different for the “big” people as Manish Kashyap is held under NSA over the allegations of an attempt at inciting clashes between Bihar and Tamil Nadu while Udhaynidhi Stalin’s slanderous remarks against Sanatan Dharma could also have caused clashes at national level.

“This is also the same situation, in both cases, there was possibility of clashes but the NSA was never invoked against Udhaynidhi Stalin. If no action is taken against him (Udhaynidhi) then that page in the law books that states that the law is the same for everyone should be torn apart. It cannot be the same if multiple FIRs are filed against one person (as in Manish Kashyap’s case) at different places in Tamil Nadu and in Bihar even when he was in custody. However, a minister who is also the son of a chief minister makes derogatory comments against the Sanatan Dharma, the sacred religion of the hundred crore population of the country. If something unfortunate would have happened, nobody would have been able to compensate that,” Karan Kashyap said.

Manish’s brother added that similar action should be taken against Udhaynidhi Stalin as was taken against Manish Kashyap saying that the court will decide right and wrong but the law should be the same for everyone.

Manish Kashyap’s arrest

Earlier this year, on 18 March, the Police arrested YouTuber Manish Kashyap aka Tripurari Kumar Tiwari from Bihar in connection with the alleged attacks on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu. A special team of the Tamil Nadu police brought him to the southern state on transit remand after the Madurai Crime Branch police registered a case against him.

Back then, it was reported that Kashyap had tweeted a ‘fake video’ of the attacks on migrant workers from Bihar in Tamil Nadu which went viral over social media. However, the video was created by the main accused Rakesh Ranjan Kumar, a native of Gopalganj district in rented accommodation in Patna. Later, the Tamil Nadu police slapped stringent NSA on Kashyap. He has been in jail since then despite moving bail petitions multiple times.


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