UP: Irfan poses as Rahul to lure Hindu girl

UP: Irfan poses as Rahul to lure Hindu girl


On Wednesday, August 2, a Hindu girl filed a complaint at Rahimabad police station in Lucknow accusing a Muslim man named Irfan of posing as a Hindu named Rahul to lure her into his love trap, circulating her private pictures online, and pressuring her to convert to Islam. 

According to media reports, the accused Irfan resides in Rahimabad Shahkheda in Lucknow while the victim is a resident of Beniganj in Hardoi. Two years ago, the victim received a call from an unknown number, and the accused, Irfan, introduced himself as Rahul. They started talking frequently and grew close. Later, the accused proposed to marry the victim and the victim accepted his proposal. The girl’s family, however, was against their union, and the girl’s father inquired about Rahul.

The victim’s father learnt that the man posing as Rahul is actually a Muslim man named Irfan. Upon learning the truth, the girl distanced herself from the accused and stopped talking to him. Miffed over this, the accused started to threaten the girl to make her private pictures viral on social media. 

Irfan, the accused, then learned through the victim’s friends that the victim’s marriage had been fixed with a Hindu man. Outraged by this, Irfan then circulated the victim’s pictures on social media. Consequently, the victim’s marriage was called off. After that, the victim’s father went to the police station in Rahimabad Shahikheda to file a complaint against Irfan, but Irfan’s family members tried to attack him. The incident was reported after the neighbourhood residents intervened and brought the victim’s father to the police station. The girl was allegedly under Irfan’s influence to convert to Islam. 

A Jagran report states that the victim’s father was assaulted when he went to accused Irfan’s house to confront him over making his daughter’s pictures viral online.

According to reports, the victim and her father complained about the matter in letters to senior officials and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Even though a case has been filed, the accused has not yet been arrested.


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