USA needs India, a President named ‘Ramaswamy’ will deliver better: Vivek Ramaswamy discuss Russia, China, 9/11 and more with Tucker Carlson

USA needs India, a President named 'Ramaswamy' will deliver better: Vivek Ramaswamy discuss Russia, China, 9/11 and more with Tucker Carlson


Vivek Ramaswamy, an Indian American campaigning for President, has received support from two well-known figures ahead of the much anticipated first GOP presidential debate set for next week. Tucker Carlson, an American commentator praised him as “one of the best-versed voices in policy” after being impressed by his thoughts on geopolitics in a recent interview. 

Elon Musk further endorsed the interview video on his platform and referred to Ramaswamy as “a very promising candidate”. It’s interesting that Musk has implicitly endorsed DeSantis after having campaigned for him.

Ramaswamy while in an interview with Tucker Carlson on August 18, spoke about contentious issues like the 9/11 attacks, government transparency, and a drop in popular trust in the government.

Ramaswamy reaffirmed his opinion that federal agencies had lied and that the American administration had not been completely honest about the 9/11 occurrences. He criticized the shared political belief that the people are incapable of handling the truth and emphasized the value of open communication.

“I explicitly said that the government absolutely lied to us, the 9/11 Commission lied and the FBI lied,” Ramaswamy said as he claimed that his campaign is not based on this idea. His clarification follows vehement criticism from voices on the left and the right where he was called an insane individual and a conspiracy theorist by other people, including folks who usually support conservative beliefs.

He informed that the 9/11 commission initially misled the public into believing that one of the key conspirators met the terrorists (Saudi Intelligence operatives) randomly at the airport in LA and took them home.

“On declassification of documents, it came to light that they were Saudi Intelligence operatives. There’s a federal case of families of victims of 9/11 that want accountability and that are determining answers. So they are suing the Saudi government…There’s a real question whether Saudi Arabia owes damages to these families,” he said.

He asserted, however, that he does not contend that the official government account of 9/11 is untrue. “If I’m asked a question and I answer honestly based on the facts, I don’t think they would have come for me if this was false and ludicrous. Lying is never punished, but speaking the truths you’re not supposed to speak is what attracts the immune response,” he was quoted as saying.

“Whatever the truth is, just give me the hard truth…And I think we now live in a moment where the government and the broader establishment in the country believe that citizens of this nation cannot be trusted with the truth,” he added.

Economic Reset

Ramaswamy meanwhile also commented on the economic growth aspect of the country saying that the US needs to direct its energy in such a way that it creates a positive impact on the entire world and leads to zero destruction. “I am quite concerned about the real economic reset in the country. We are on the cusp of major economic downturn in 2024. We live under conditions of a deeply inverted yield curve. People expect long-run returns to be higher than short-turn interests. There are several factors that can lead to reversing the scenario,” he said.

The US is in such a position where we secure higher returns on short-term bonds than on long-term bonds, he said adding that there has been recession every time this has happened. “This is the calm before the storm. Biden will put up low unemployment numbers. Our real problem is there are twice as many jobs open as there are people looking for work. That is an actual deeper structural failure. People have stopped applying for jobs. They prefer staying at home and earning than going to work. They actually have fewer skill sets backed by educational degrees subsidized by the US Department of Education. As a result, wages have not gone up and things are still 20% more expensive than they were in 2020,” he said.

He added that there are deep structural issues in the US economy. “People have a deep distrust in the US institution which includes the government. These hardships should do something positive to the country though given the prediction of an upcoming recession,” he indicated.

‘US responsible for driving Russia-China military alliance’

Further while talking on the Russia-Ukraine issue, the GOP Presidential candidate indicated that his view on the matter is fascinating. “I don’t think there is any particular self-interest in the issue. I think there is a deeper bipartisan institutional consensus, the same consensus that said we can’t be told the truth about 9/11. That effectively says that we can’t confront some of the same facts about Ukraine,” he said.

“My position here is grounded in fact and not that reactive emotion, but it’s interesting that it makes me doubly committed to making sure that I am really speaking the truth about what is going on here. The entire Republican field, save for Trump, nobody on the debate stage certainly for the Republican Party has a principled position on Ukraine partly because they understand those are the directions they’ve been given,” he said.

He added that there are finger wind candidates to speak on Ukraine but there are also some who believe in the way things are happening in the US. “They believe, we don’t stop until we have taken down what we have decided is our enemy forgetting that the USSR doesn’t exist anymore and believe that that’s the only source of victory,” he said.

According to Ramaswamy, the US has no discernable, national interest at issue in Ukraine. “The truth is that as much as we will fetishize and debate the 1994 Budapest Memo, which the US wrote, UK and Russia were also parties to it with Ukraine, which I believe we have more than fulfilled our obligations. You don’t hear a peep about James Baker’s 1990 Commitment, his not one-inch commitment to NATO expanding one inch beyond Germany. No discussion of that. Against the backdrop of the reality that we face which is we are driving Russia further into China’s arms as we arm Ukraine, further strengthening what I see as the single greatest military threat that the United States certainly has faced since World War 2. We are responsible for driving the Russia-China military alliance,” he asserted.

USA needs India, a President named ‘Ramaswamy’ will deliver better

The US is on its way to Ukraine turning into another Iraq or another Vietnam all over again, except this time, I think it could be worse because there are nuclear weapons at issue. There’s an alliance with China, an economy that we depend on for our modern way of life that’s also at issue, he opined.

Ramaswamy stated that it is necessary to end the Ukraine war on terms that help pull Russia out of China’s hands. “That’s going to require rebuilding a lot of trust and I think I am up for that job. Putin can trust us to follow our self-interest as long as we trust him to follow his, reopen economic relations with Russia, freeze the current lines of control, and make a permanent commitment that NATO will not admit Ukraine to NATO. But in return weaken if not disband the Russia-China alliance and get India back onside,” he added.

During the interview, the GOP Presidential candidate also added that a guy with the name Ramaswamy would be more effective in rebuilding trust with India. “If there’s a guy who is going to rebuild trust with India, it better be a guy with the name Vivek Ramaswamy who might be up for that task,” he said.

Ramaswamy’s candidature promises to restore meritocracy and lessen reliance on China while emphasizing new medicine development and healthcare transformation.

Ramaswamy, who entered the race as a total unknown and political novice, has shot up the polls. According to national polling averages, Trump enjoys support from roughly 53% of voters, while DeSantis is far behind with 15% and Ramaswamy is in third place with 7%.


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