Uttar Pradesh: Female officer slaps teen girl over illegal encroachment argument

Uttar Pradesh: Female officer slaps teen girl over illegal encroachment argument


In Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi district, a female government inspector slapped a teenage girl after a verbal dispute. The tragedy occurred in the village of Bishampur in Uttar Pradesh. Prachi Kesarwani, a Deputy Tehsildar, went to the village in connection with the illegal utilization of land in the region. Deputy Tehsildar and the teenage girl got into an altercation, and the officer slapped her. The footage of the incident is making the rounds on social media.

According to reports, some locals illegally occupied land in Bhishampur village, Kapsethi police station area of Varanasi. The land was ordered to be vacated by the High Court. On the orders of the High Court, Deputy Tehsildar Prachi Kesarwani arrived at the site to initiate action against the illegal occupation of the land. The individuals present expressed their anger with the action taken against their encroachment.

While the Deputy Tehsildar was taking action against the encroachment, a young girl from the throng approached Prachi Kesarwani and asked her to show her the High Court order copy. The female officer became irritated, and a heated confrontation ensued. After the disagreement, Deputy Tehsildar Prachi Kesarwani became enraged and slapped the girl in public.

The mob became enraged and gheraoed the female officer after she slapped the young girl in public. When the police officers on the scene noticed the ruckus, they grabbed the woman officer from the crowd and took her with them.

The operation against the incursion was called off as the crowd became enraged and began to oppose the female officer. According to sources, the locals have also complained to higher authorities over Deputy Tehsildar Prachi Kesarwani’s actions. The residents are calling for stern punishment against the female officer.


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