What did Shoaib Jamai say that caused Subuhi Khan to attack him live on air: Watch

What did Shoaib Jamai say that caused Subuhi Khan to attack him live on air: Watch

Earlier in the day, a video clip from a TV debate went viral on Twitter, showing a woman panellist Subuhi Khan and Jamia scholar Dr Shoaib Jamai hurling unpleasantries and physically assaulting each other. The incident happened during a live television debate on News 18, titled ‘Desh Nahi Jhukne Denge with Aman Chopra’.

In our previous report, we mentioned that Jamai had likely made some comment directed at Subuhi Khan’s son that had incensed her.

Now another clip from the same debate show is doing the rounds on social media, in which, Shoiab Jamai can actually be heard making some very derogatory comments against his fellow panellist Subuhi Khan and her son.

Subuhi Khan is a practising Muslim married to a Hindu man named Neel Ratan. She has a son with her Hindu husband whose name is Kabeer.

During the debate show, the panellists were having a discussion over the Islamic concept of Haram and Halal used in the Quran to designate the categories of lawful or allowed and unlawful or forbidden.

Jamai said that there is the concept of Jannat (heaven) and Jahannum (hell) in Islam and anyone who does halal go to Jannat and those who do haram go to Jahannum. In reply, Subuhi said that there is no problem with the concept of Jannat and Jahannum, however, the problem is with the list of things that have been classified as halal and haram by the so-called Islamist scholars.

She pointed out some of the things that Islamists have deemed haram, such as singing, dancing, drawing and painting, in order to express her annoyance at the ludicrous limitations that are being imposed on Muslims in the name of Islam. She remarked that the idea of Haram and Halal confuses her.

Subuhi’s response incensed Jamai, who asserted that the concept of halal and haram is very clear. Here, Shoaib Jamai lost his composure and attacked Subuhi Khan by calling her son an illegitimate child. He claimed that Subuhi Khan’s son is ‘haram’ since she married someone who was not of her faith.

He said that Subuhi did not do Nikah which is why it will be called Jinnah and her son will be considered ‘haram’. “Inhone Nikah nahi kiya toh who Jinnah mein shamil hoga aur inka bachha bhi haram hoga.”

This remark infuriated Subuhi Khan so much that she got up from her chair and angrily advanced towards Jamai and attacked him. She abused Jamai for passing the disdainful remark.

Interestingly, Subuhi Khan shared another video from the same debate on Twitter, in which the host Aman Chopra was also seen taking a jibe at Shoiab Jamai and another Islamist panellist sitting next to him for interrupting and countering Subuhi Khan’s opposition to the tainted list of items that Islamists have labelled as Halal and Haram.

Towards the end of the video clip that Subuhi Jamai shared, Aman Chopra asks the Islamist scholar seated next to Shoaib Jamai whether wearing makeup is also regarded as Haram in Islam. When the panellist replies in the affirmative, Aman Chopra informs him subtly that Shoaib Jamai himself had applied makeup a short while ago.

Amusingly, Shoiab Jamai, who had been shouting and arguing with Subuhi Khan up until this point, sits motionless without uttering a single word in his defence as Aman Chopra reiterates that Jamai had gotten his makeup done along with him before the show began.

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