Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma says the Golaghat triple murder was a case of love jihad as the Muslim man pretended to be Hindu, assures action: What he said

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma says the Golaghat triple murder was a case of love jihad as the Muslim man pretended to be Hindu, assures action: What he said


On Wednesday, July 26, Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma called the horrific triple murder in the Golaghat district a result of Love Jihad. CM Sarma assured that a chargesheet would be filed within 15 days, in order to expedite the trial of accused Najibur Rahman. Accused Najibur Rahman Bora had killed his 24-year-old wife Sanghamitra Ghosh along with her father Sanjeev Ghosh and mother Junu Ghosh at their residence on 24 July.

“It is a case of love jihad.” The family of the deceased was Hindu, while the accused is Muslim. He initially introduced himself on Facebook with a Hindu name. The wife learned to use drugs after the couple fled to Kolkata,” CM Sarma said.

‘This is an open and shut case’: Assam CM 

According to the Chief Minister, the accused, a 25-year-old mechanical engineer named Najibur Rahman Bora, was a drug addict who was involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs. “The woman was given injectable drugs, in the influence of which she was impregnated. The victim was tortured when she went to live at the accused Najibur’s home and later returned to her maternal home,” CM Sarma said.

Moreover, CM Sarma voiced his concern about incidents in which religious identities are concealed in order to persuade women to marry, resulting in situations in which societal acceptability becomes complicated if the victim woman decides to come back to her family. “In such a scenario, she inevitably changes her religion, sacrifices everything, and assimilates into a different life,” he explained.

The Assam chief minister who also oversees the Home Department, called it a “open-and-shut case,” and said the chargesheet would be filed within the next 15 days. Later, he tweeted to underline the Assam government’s resolve to turn the society into a zero-crime zone, stressing that “no criminal shall escape justice.”

Golaghat triple murder

On July 24, a 25-year-old Muslim man named Nazibur Rahman Bora murdered his 24-year-old wife Sanghamitra Ghosh, her father Sanjeev Ghosh, and her mother Junu Ghosh at their home.

The old couple tried to protect their daughter, but they were all stabbed to death. The accused is a mechanical engineer who graduated from the Central Institute of Technology in Kolkata and grew up in the same neighbourhood. On the evening of July 24, he surrendered to police and was arrested on various charges, including murder.

As reported earlier, a case has been registered under Sections 302 (murder) and 448 (trespassing) of the Indian Penal Code and an investigation is being conducted into the matter.

‘Love Jihad is a true and real concept’: CM Sarma

The Assam CM further stressed that Love Jihad is a real and true concept as he compared the gruesome triple murder in Golaghat with the popular movie The Kerala Story. 

CM Sarma told the media today in Golaghat, “I would advise our daughters’ parents to be vigilant and cautious about our culture and traditions.” Likewise, I would caution my sisters and daughters not to take things lightly. They should think multiple times before dating a boy from a different faith community whom they met on Facebook or other social media sites. They should further proceed with caution  while becoming friends with someone over social media.”

CM Sarma emphasised that since the Hindu dharma and Islam differ in culture and tradition, there are relatively few cases where such interfaith marriages prove successful.

“Previously, there were no instances of religious conversion in Assam when interfaith marriages were conducted under the Special Marriage Act; however, these days, conditions are imposed on the girls to change their religion. Such Love Jihad cases demonstrated that it is a real concept. Films like ‘The Kerala Story’ are not fabricated or baseless,” CM Sarma stated.


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