Karnataka home minister calls Udupi restroom filming a minor incident

Karnataka home minister calls Udupi restroom filming a minor incident


On Wednesday, 26th July 2023, Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwar said that the shameful case from a college in Udupi where videos of Hindu girl students were shot in a restroom by Muslim girl students is a ‘small incident’. He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is politicising this issue.

G Parameshwar said, “The incident in Udupi is very minor and there is no need to give political colour. Also, when all this is happening in colleges, they are doing politics on such small issues, BJP should stop this.”

G Parameshwar also said, “It is not a ‘serious issue’. It has happened within the college premises and between friends. Why the BJP is trying to add political colour to this incident by blowing it out of proportion? All colleges are bound by the University Grant Commission (UGC) rules which mandate a committee to look into such cases. There is a college principal and a committee to investigate the incident. No complaint has been received in this regard. There is no complaint registered and how can the police act on this? BJP should first stop playing politics on this issue. Wasn’t this happening in colleges earlier? BJP should stop doing such petty politics.”

Notably, in Udupi, videos of Hindu girls were recorded in the women’s washroom of Netrajyoti College in Udupi by 3 Muslim women. The college management supposedly conducted an inquiry into the matter and concluded that the video had been deleted, closing the case. However, the case assumed massive proportions after several social media users, including Rashmi Samant and Shefali Vaidya, raised the matter and demanded an impartial inquiry into the matter. Following the public outrage, two suo moto cases have been registered at the Malpe Police Station in the Udupi district. The FIR was registered against the 3 Muslim women and the college administration also for the destruction of evidence and for not providing information to the police.


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