Doctors slam Sagarika Ghosh online for promoting her son’s cosmetic procedure as weight-loss program

Doctors slam Sagarika Ghosh online for promoting her son's cosmetic procedure as weight-loss program


On 27th August, controversial “journalist” and author Sagarika Ghose posted a tweet where she promoted her son’s dubious weight loss practice, after which doctors slammed her on social media. In a now-deleted tweet, Ghose promoted her son Ishan Sardesai’s clinic, which offers a weight loss program that uses an Endospheres machine.

In the tweet, Sagarika Ghose wrote, “Have worked on my fitness goals for years, but the Endospheres machine at Dr Ishan Sardesai’s clinic (look for him on Insta) make the weight loss & fitness journey that much easier.” Interestingly, she did not disclose that Ishan is hers and Rajdeep Sardesai’s son and that he is actually an ENT doctor.

Now-deleted post by Sagarika Ghose. Source: X

The LinkedIn profile of Ishan Sardesai says that he is an ENT and Aesthetic Surgeon. After doing MBBS from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, he did masters degree in ENT Surgery from the same college in 2022. After that, he has done fellowship programs in advanced facial aesthetics and hair transplant surgery. There is no record of him doing any medical program on weight management, and no such qualification is mentioned on the website of his clinic, The Face Centre.

Soon after she posted on X, several doctors chipped in and slammed her for advertising the dubious weight loss practice. Ghose was questioned if Ishan, who is an ENT specialist, has any training in weight management and more. Furthermore, doctors raised a red flag as the weight loss therapy using the Endospheres machine is not an approved program by the FDA.

Dr Rajesh Parekh wrote, “Beware of endospheres therapy for weight loss. This unproven treatment claims to correct “imbalances” but provides no solid science. No evidence from clinical trials exists showing endospheres lead to weight loss. Vague theories about polarities and frequencies lead to unsupported marketing claims.”

“With no FDA oversight and reliance on anecdotes, it lacks the hallmarks of an evidence-based treatment and instead raises red flags of a possible pseudoscientific fraud. The lack of transparency about risks and side effects is concerning. Don’t waste your money on endospheres for weight loss. Stick to tried and true methods like improved nutrition, exercise, and behavioural counselling under medical guidance. Promoting endospheres as a miracle cure without proof borders on unethical. Demand rigorous research and FDA approval before using this treatment. Don’t become victim to clever marketing of an unproven method. Weight loss promises should be backed by science, not just testimonials,” he added.

When Dr Nihar Desai questioned why an ENT specialist was using the machine for a weight loss program, Ghose blocked him.

Calling out Ghose, Dr Ruchir Mishra said, “What a shame that Sagrika Ghose has to stoop to such levels only to prop her son up? How evidence-based is this modality that you are promoting? And what does an ENT Surgeon anyway have to do with weight loss therapy? Where is the NMC now?

Dr Shikhar Ganjoo questioned, “Why in the world is a guy with ENT training doing this rubbish stuff? Is he even a doctor?”

As per the information available on the internet, the Endospheres Therapy Body Shaping Machine consists of a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres that generate low-frequency mechanical vibrations. It has been claimed that these vibrations help in improving the appearance of cellulite, skin tone and laxity. However, when we tried to find information on it via Google Scholar, we could not spot any genuine article that specifically talked about it. It is unclear if such machines work. It is advised to consult a specialist doctor before going for any such treatment and choose only those that a government body has approved. OpIndia takes no responsibility for the claims made by Sagarika Ghose or replies made by the doctors about the machine and its usage on social media.

The website of Ishan Sardesai’s clinic lists 4 categories of services offered, which include Endospheres Therapy. The other three are Aesthetic Treatments, Hair Treatments, and ENT Therapeutic services, and he has qualifications for these categories. However, the website does not advertise Endospheres Therapy as a weight loss and fitness program as claimed by Sagarikha Ghosh. It describes it as a skin tightening procedure, a beauty enhancement therapy, not fitness. The website says that “Endospheres Therapy is a non-invasive body treatment that uses low-frequency sound waves that generate controlled mechanical stress to penetrate deep into the layers of skin in the targeted area, reducing cellulite and tightening the skin.”

Therefore, Endospheres Therapy is actually a cosmetic procedure that gives the appearance of a fit body by tightening skin and the underlying muscle, but it is not an actual fitness program. Notably, Dr Ishan Sardesai has not even claimed it to be a weight loss and fitness program, and it is clear from the website of The Face Centre that it is a cosmetic procedure. But Sagarika Ghosh wrongly claimed it to be a weight loss and fitness program, after which she was forced to delete the tweet.


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