Kanpur love jihad: Zaheer poses as Rahul to rape minor Hindu girl, arrested

Kanpur love jihad: Zaheer poses as Rahul to rape minor Hindu girl, arrested


A case of love jihad has come to light from Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh where a man named Zaheer posed as Rahul to lure a minor Hindu girl into a love trap and went on to rape the girl. The victim girl came to know about the original identity of the culprit when his wife Rukhsar Bano contacted the victim and told her about Zaheer being the real name of Rahul. The accused then pressurised the victim girl to convert to Islam. He threatened to make the obscene photographs of the victim minor girl viral if she did not convert. The accused Zaheer was arrested after a complaint was lodged with the police.

The 17-year-old victim had lodged a complaint at the Panki police station in Kanpur. She told the police that she used to work in a factory in Govind Nagar. A boy named ‘Rahul’, a resident of Hamirpur also worked there and she became friends with him.

The victim further said that ‘Rahul’ took her to his room one day. There he mixed something in a cold drink and gave her to drink before raping her. He assured the victim that he loved her and would marry her.

According to the victim, one day she received a call from a woman named Rukhsar Bano. According to the victim girl, Rukhsar Bano said, “The real name of the person you think of as Rahul is Zaheer and he is married. I am his wife.”

The victim reported the matter to her family members and cut off contact with Rahul alias Zaheer. Zaheer became displeased when the victim ceased communication. In response, he initiated contact with the victim using various phone numbers.

The victim said in her complaint, “Zaheer is threatening me to change my religion. He said that four marriages are allowed in Islam, so you convert and marry me. If you don’t marry me, I will make your videos viral on social media.” Due to this threat by Zaheer, the victim stopped going to work.

Panki ACP Tej Bahadur Singh said, “An FIR was lodged against the accused Zaheer. Taking immediate action, the accused has been arrested. A case was registered against him under relevant sections and he was presented in the court. Further action is being taken in the case.”


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