‘Installing idols of Hindu Gods at party offices a matter of shame’: Congress leader Aziz Qureshi

'Installing idols of Hindu Gods at party offices a matter of shame': Congress leader Aziz Qureshi


Senior Congress leader and former governor of Uttarakhand Aziz Qureshi on Tuesday said it was a matter of great shame that party leaders chanted slogans of “Jai Ganga Maiyya, Jai Narmada Maiyya.” He further added that it was shameful that Congress leaders installed idols of Hindu Gods at party offices.

“Some of the members of Congress carry out Hindutva rallies. They raise slogans of Jai Ganga Maiya, Jai Narmada Maiya. It is a matter of great shame. They are installing idols of Hindu Gods in party offices. What could be a greater shame than this? Qureshi said.

“I have no fear, remove me from the party. Today Nehru’s heirs, Congress people take out religious processions, say ‘Jai Ganga Maiya’, and say proudly that I am a Hindu. They install idols in the PCC office,” he added.

With a firm demeanour, ex-Governor Aziz Qureshi emphasized that every political party in the nation, Congress included, ought to comprehend that Muslims are not subservient to anyone. “The rationale behind Muslim votes demands consideration: If employment opportunities are scarce, if representation within the police, army, and navy is lacking, then what reason is there for the Muslim community to align their votes with you?” he argued.

Issuing a veiled threat, Aziz Qureshi expressed that the demise of one or two crore Muslims out of the total 22 crore would not pose an issue. He said, “When the water surpasses its threshold, Muslims won’t remain passive observers.”

During an interaction with Aaj Tak regarding this matter, he reaffirmed his position, stating, “I adhere to my statement.” Aziz Qureshi said, “I made this statement because Muslims across the country are residing in an environment of apprehension, facing intimidation.”

Addressing the religious undertakings of the Congress, he remarked, “The Congress party intermittently embraces Hindutva. Acts like conducting worship in the Congress office, installing idols, and chanting slogans of Jai Shri Ram are contrary to Nehru’s vision. The essence of Congress being a secular party is being undermined by certain individuals, and I am striving to counteract this drift.”


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