Rakhi Sawant’s ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani slams actress, calls her a ‘dangerous woman’

Rakhi Sawant's ex-husband Adil Khan Durrani slams actress, calls her a 'dangerous woman'


Rakhi Sawant’s estranged husband Adil Khan Durrani, who was in judicial custody following multiple accusations from the actress, has broken his silence about the allegations meted at him. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Durrani claimed that the allegations levelled at him by Rakhi Sawant were completely false and baseless.

Notably, Adil Khan Durrani was first arrested by Mumbai Police, after Rakhi filed a complaint against him of cheating, fraud and unnatural sex. On February 21, 2023, Adil was arrested by Mysuru Police on the basis of a complaint filed by an Iranian woman accusing him of raping her.

Now, after coming out of jail, Adil hit back at the Bollywood actresses, levelling several counter-allegations at her, which include her making Adil Khan’s nude videos by giving him drugs, cheating on him with ex-husband Ritesh Singh and extorting money from people in the name of her mother’s cancer.

Calling her a “dangerous woman”, Adil Khan, first, accused Rakhi of lying that she never married Ritesh Singh, her ex-boyfriend. Adil showed documents of her marriage with Ritesh and alleged that she never got divorced from him when she married Adil.

Rakhi allegedly visited Ritesh and kept in touch with him throughout their marriage, according to Adil. Rakhi had informed Adil that she was on a work-related UK tour, but he later discovered messages to Ritesh in which she implied that they had spent the entire week together and that she made a mistake by marrying Adil.

While Rakhi claimed in her FIR that Adil had physically abused her, Adil claimed that it was the other way around. He asserted that Rakhi beat him after he requested a divorce from her. He also displayed a video of himself with bruises all over.

Adil Durrani also accused his ex-wife of recording him naked over a video call. Adil went on to say that Rakhi used the same tactic while falsely accusing him of having extramarital affairs with other women and sexually abusing an Iranian woman. 

Adil said that Rakhi Sawant was friends with the Iranian woman and had paid her money to file a false rape complaint against him. 

Adil Khan Durrani speaks on the money Rakhi Sawant owes him

Notably, Rakhi said that Adil Khan Durrani had taken more than Rs 1.5 crores from her account in June to buy a car without her knowledge, but she didn’t complain because he had pledged to marry her. Adil refuted the allegations saying that he had, in turn, spent as much as Rs 2.8 crores on her, including money for her cosmetic surgeries, a property in Dubai, a BMW car, a diamond engagement ring, a necklace, and gold items for her birthday.

Adil then mentioned the video of him confessing that he took Rs 1.5 crore from her and said, “Ek tablet di thi Rakhi ne, she had literally drugged me. Mujhe aisa nasha jaise feel ho raha tha. Usne ye bhi allegations lagaya tha ki Adil drugs leta hai. Main soya hu aur utha hu aur mujhe kuch samajne nahi aa raha tha. Jo jo sawaal puch raha tha main uska jawab de raha hu aur mera sir bohot zyada dhukh raha hai (I was feeling intoxicated. She has accused me of taking drugs. I wasn’t aware whether I was awake or asleep. I was replying to whatever I was asked and my head was hurting a lot).”

He then showed a video of himself chewing the tablet. “It looks like I’m drowsy, and I’m eating some tablets, and I have some tablets in my hand. I’m not in my senses because I don’t know what is happening,” Adil continued. 

Cannot get pregnant, does not have a uterus: Adul Khan Durrani exposing Rakhi Sawant

Khan further claimed that the actor had lied about her pregnancy and miscarriage. He said that the actor couldn’t get pregnant as she had undergone surgery to remove her uterus due to ‘age-related issues.’

“6-7 din hua tha, natak chal raha tha, Adil aur mera bacha gir gaya, humara miscarriage hogaya (For around 6 to 7 days this drama was going on.) But how can she be pregnant? When she was admitted, I was sitting at the hospital with her when she had to get her uterus removed because of age-related issues. She can’t get pregnant,” he said.

Adil also accused Rakhi Sawant of using her mother’s illness to extort money from people. He said that he used to give Rs 30,000 to Rakhi Sawant’s mother every month yet the actress used to take money from everyone in the industry in the name of her mother’s cancer and spend it on herself.

Adil revealed that he will take counter-legal action against Rakhi. “I’ll fight for justice. I won’t spare her. I want justice from the people and the Constitution, so that next time, Rakhi doesn’t trap another man like this. Whatever Sherlyn Chopra has said about Rakhi, it’s a fact,” Adil said in the interview.

Earlier, several videos of Rakhi Sawant were posted by the paparazzi in which she could be seen accusing Adil of ruining her life.

It may be recalled that in January this year, a month before his arrest, Adil Khan Durrani had claimed that he and Rakhi Sawant never got married and called their Nikah ‘fake’. Rakhi Sawant had told the media that Adil has not been talking to her ever since she shared the pictures and photos of their low-key Nikah ceremony that was held in May last year.

She further added that she changed her name, accepted Islam, loved him, and did ‘halal’ instead of ‘haram’. “Many people do ‘haraam’ but I did ‘halal. Where am I wrong?” she said. It is notable that the Nikahnama shows that she added Fatima to her name, becoming Rakhi Sawant Fatima.


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