Love Jihad in Agra: Sahil Khan lures a minor Hindu girl and rapes her under false pretences, arrested

Love Jihad in Agra: Sahil Khan lures a minor Hindu girl and rapes her under false pretences, arrested


A novel case of Love Jihad has come to the fore from the Agra district of Uttar Pradesh. The Agra Police arrested a person identified as Sahil Khan for trapping a rich minor girl in a love affair and then raping and looting her for money. The accused also concealed his identity and introduced himself as a Hindu man named Divyanshu Agarwal. He and his family also attempted to convert the girl to Islam.

Khan reportedly worked in a car garage and befriended the victim student by posting fashionable images on Instagram. He cultivated a friendship with the accused, the daughter of a Hindu businessman, and subsequently lured her into a relationship.

The accused called the girl to a hotel and then raped her. He also recorded the private video of the girl and used it to blackmail her for money. The accused threatened the girl and stole her mother’s jewellery along with around Rs 10 lakhs. When the family learned about this, they filed a complaint against the young man at the police station. The police later arrested him.

The 17-year-old daughter of a businessman in the Chhatta police station area of Agra studies at a reputable school. The girl had an Instagram account through which she came in contact with the Khan who posed as Divyanshu Agarwal. The accused influenced the girl and trapped her in a relationship.

They met several times. However, on December 21, 2020, the accused called the girl to a hotel for a date and forced her to have alcohol. Later, after the girl fell unconscious, he took her to the hotel room and raped her. He also shot several private videos of the girl which he later used to blackmail her.

The accused then kept on sexually assaulting the victim girl for three years. He also threatened her that her derogatory videos would be made viral if she failed to fulfil his demands. He looted the girl for Rs 10 lakh and also asked her to get all the gold jewellery kept at her house.

In the meantime, the girl learned about the real identity of Khan. She also learned that he works at a garage in the city of Agra. The incident came to the fore after the businessman found cash and jewellery missing from his home. He asked his daughter about the same after which she confessed that she had been trapped and subsequently raped and blackmailed by the accused.

The father of the girl sought help from the Bajrang Dal workers who helped the family to register a police complaint. DCP Suraj Kumar Rai confirmed the case and said that the accused has been booked under the relevant sections of the IPC and POCSO Act.

It has also been reported that the accused had given the looted jewellery to his mother. He also introduced her to the girl. It is said that the mother of the accused tried to convert the girl to Islam. The police have booked the mother of the accused, Ruksana in the case.

The accused used several tactics to impress the girl. He posed as Divyanshu Agarwal, posted impressive photographs on Instagram, and also posed with several local BJP leaders. He wanted the girl to believe that he was rich and that he had a good social network spread out in the city.

However, it was too late by the time the girl knew the real identity of the accused and his hidden ill intentions.


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