UP: Pinky Gupta’s suicide note found, accuses live-in-partner Shakib of her death

UP: Pinky Gupta's suicide note found, accuses live-in-partner Shakib of her death


The Ghaziabad police in Uttar Pradesh have recovered a suicide note from the residence of Pinky Gupta. The 26-year-old Hindu woman, who was in a live-in relationship with a man named Shakib, died of suicide at her residence in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad on August 31. Her body was found hanging after which her family members accused her live-in partner Shakib of the crime as well as trapping their daughter in love jihad.

Now, in the handwritten suicide note recovered by the police, the deceased accused her partner of being the reason behind her death. She wrote in the letter that she was so deeply in love with Shakib that she was even willing to convert to Islam for him, a choice she later regretted. She recounted the accounts of deceit and betrayal she faced from him throughout the course of their four-year relationship.

In the alleged suicide note, Pinky wrote, “I am deeply ashamed of myself. I fought for you, both with you and within myself, but you did not value my love. Everyone tried to open my eyes to my mistake, but I couldn’t see anything else when I looked at you. I even contemplated changing my religion, embracing everything about you, just to make you mine. However, you still did not grasp my feelings. I can no longer bear this… Bye, Sakib.”

According to reports, Pinky Gupta worked as a receptionist at a gym and had been in a four-year relationship with Sakib Khan, who was a trainer there.

Pinky Gupta allegedly exerted pressure on Sakib to marry her, but he consistently declined her requests.

Gupta later found out that Sakib had misled her about his marital status as he was already married to someone else. Unable to bear the deceit the victim took the extreme step on the night of 31 August when the victim was discovered in her Vaishali home swinging from a noose. 

Reportedly injury marks were also found on her head. Her boyfriend and his family members were charged with murder by her family after they learned about the horrifying occurrence.

Police had reportedly also recovered and seized the diary from her room in which she had written about every event of the last four years of her life. Based on the information provided in the dairy, police arrested Shakib Ali.

Her mother stated that Pinki Gupta was living in a live-in relationship with a boy named Shakib, from Ghazipur in Delhi. “He coerced her into a relationship by tricking her. It was at his instigation that she ended her life,” she alleged. When the police arrived at the location, they discovered a diary from the room. Its details have not been made public yet. The accused was absconding but was nabbed by police later.

OpIndia spoke to the complainant, Raju Gupta, the brother of the victim who disclosed that Shakib used to torture and it drove her to commit suicide. She narrated her ordeal to them, he said. He alleged that Shakib not only tortured his sister on a daily basis but also instigated her to commit suicide. Moreover, his father Mustafa Khan also had a hand in harassing her, as he used to tell her to kill herself and leave their son, and she committed suicide because she grew tired of these things, Raju Gupta added.

OpIndia also accessed the FIR filed in the case, which shows that Shakib and his father Mustafa Khan have been booked under section 306 (abetment of suicide) of the IPC. 


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