‘No evidence of hate speech by Monu Manesar, Bittu Bajrangi’s arrest not for rioting or violence’: What Haryana ADGP Mamata Singh said about Nuh violence

Islamists use old video of Monu Manesar to justify their violence in Nuh, claim he was present at the VHP religious procession: Here is the truth


No evidence of hate/inciteful speech has been found against Monu Manesar, said Haryana ADGP Mamata Singh in an exclusive conversation with News18. The statement is significant in view of the allegations that were leveled against Monu Manesar for inciting the Nuh violence.

A larger part of the mainstream media and Twitter users along with perpetrators of the Muslim violence against Hindus in Nuh had held Monu Manesar responsible for “inciting Muslims” in the area. An old video of Manesar was used to justify the violence by Muslims. This was alleged despite the fact that Manesar, who is wanted by Rajasthan Police in a case where 2 cow smugglers were killed, was never present in Nuh in the first place.

Notably, while interviewing the Haryana ADGP Mamata Singh, Rajdeep Sardesai in his question had justified the violence by Muslims by insinuating that it was a result of “Gaurakshaks spreading hate and violence in the area.”

The Haryana ADGP’s statement comes about three weeks after the 31st July violence in Nuh wherein five people lost their lives while conducting a peaceful procession to the brutal attacks from Muslim mobs who were stationed strategically in the hills surrounding the region. Around 3,000 Hindus sought shelter in the Nalhar Shiva Temple to save their life.

“If you listen to the audio in Monu Manesar’s social media post before the 31st July Yatra, he says: ‘I am arriving for the yatra, you all also participate.” I doubt that an announcement that he is arriving for a yatra falls under the ambit of hate/inciteful speech” Mamata Singh said to News18 on 19th August.

The Haryana top cop has also clarified that Bittu Bajrangi’s recent arrest was not for partaking in the Nuh violence but in a different case in connection with obstructing a government official from discharging their duty. Singh said, “The media interpreted that Bajrangi was arrested in Nuh violence case. But this is wrong. These are two different cases. The Faridabad police had filed a case on the inciteful post. The Nuh police had arrested him because, on the day of the yatra, Bajrangi had a fight with the additional SP. He was carrying swords and other weapons which was not permitted.”

The clarification comes 20 days after Monu Manesar issued a clarification against the charges saying that he chose not to attend the yatra because he had learned from law enforcement that it might cause trouble.

Manesar alias Mohit Yadav, a member of the Bajrang Dal, became the center of controversy when the Islamists and their media associates attempted to use him as a scapegoat and blame him for the major violence that rocked the state on 31 July following an attack on the Brajmandal Shobha Yatra in Haryana’s Nuh district.

He, however, refuted any role in the clashes or proactive social media posts in an interview. The Gau Rakshak stated, “Whoever is accusing me, none of the videos you must have watched contains any statement that might be construed as provocative or as an inciting factor. The violence is caused by criminals and cow smugglers. The cybercrime police station was set on fire. They are entirely to blame.”

“Nobody was triggered by my video. I skipped the procession. Our senior members attended it, but I didn’t. A renowned leader of the Vishva Hindu Parishad named Dr Surendra Jain was also fired upon. What could possibly be worse than that,” he asked.

He further continued, “Our Hindu mothers and sisters were targeted by gunfire. The Hindu community will not tolerate their victimisation and being shot at in a Muslim-dominated area like this. I am watching social media and keeping in touch with my people. Launchers and modern weapons like the AK-47 were used in the violence.”

When questioned who he held accountable for the violence, he replied, “The Muslim MLA in the region, Mamman Khan, is solely responsible. He is enticing Muslims to come forward and assuring them of his support in the fight. If you want to battle, head for the border.”

Monu Manesar, the head of the Gau Rakshak wing of Bajrang Dal in Haryana, came in the news when he was accused of allegedly kidnapping and killing two cow smugglers named Junaid and Nasir, both residents of Ghatmeeka village in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. Their bodies were found in a charred car in Loharu, Bhiwani in February of this year.

What’s more is that on 14th August, the Rajasthan DGP Umesh Mishra categorically stated that no direct involvement of Gaurakshak Monu Manesar has been found in the alleged double murder case.

Responding to a question regarding Monu Manesar, DGP Mishra said, “Our team visited Nuh to investigate the matter. I would not like to blame Haryana Police. We have a professional approach. We asked them for help. The main issue is actionable intelligence. If there is intelligence, he will be caught. Let me also tell you that he (Monu Manesar) is not among those who were directly involved or were present on the spot or had direct involvement in the incident. However, police are investigating whether he played any indirect role in this case or not.”

The previous statement by the Rajasthan police and now the statement by the Haryana ADGP show the role that propaganda combined with sensationalism was hyped by the mainstream media and the Islamist ecosystem in justifying the barbaric Nuh violence against Hindus.


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