Rajasthan: A minor is gang raped, another sexually assaulted and killed

Rajasthan: A minor is gang raped, another sexually assaulted and killed


Congress ruled Rajasthan has devolved into a land of crimes in the past few years. In the latest news, a case of gang rape with a minor girl and impregnation has come to light in Salumbar. It is reported that the hospital parking staff and the compounder sexually assaulted her again after she went there for treatment.

On the other hand, a school teacher in Sawai Madhopur district has been accused of rape and murder of another minor girl. She was missing since 8 August and her body was found in a well on 10 August. The accused is presently in police custody.

A 15-year-old pregnant girl was admitted to the Salumber district hospital on 6 June according to media accounts. She was being treated by Dr Narendra Sharma there. He enquired with her family after growing concerned. She was discovered to be unmarried and under the age of 18. The police were informed about the matter. She gave birth to a baby girl in the hospital.

However, her family members requested the police not to pursue the case out of fear of public humiliation. Nevertheless, her maternal grandfather and grandmother made a complaint. Police investigated the matter and arrested the perpetrator Laxman Mogia who was an occultist. Thereafter, the victim recorded her statement before the Magistrate under section 164. She also named three other individuals apart from him.

She narrated her ordeal to the court and stated that the accused raped her repeatedly on the hospital premises as well. The police then apprehended Rohit and Harish along with a minor. Two of them are in charge of the facility’s parking while the third is a compounder.

Her father revealed that the occultist had told him that he would treat the young girl. He then went on to act inappropriately with her under false pretences. DNA samples of the four offenders as well as her have been sent for analysis, per the police, to identify the father of the newborn.

Kidnap, rape and murder of a minor girl

A school teacher of Hanutiya village under the Bonli police station area of Sawai Madhopur district has been accused of abduction, rape and killing of a minor female student of his own school. She was studying in class 12 at a local government institution.

The 16-year-old’s family filed a First Information Report with the police station on 8 August following her sudden disappearance with concerns of kidnapping. They accused that Ramratan Meena had taken their daughter. Afterwards, the police began looking into the issue.

Meanwhile, a pair of a girl’s slippers were spotted by a well on 10 August at about 11 a.m. and her body was discovered floating in the well when the police searched it out of suspicion. The police are interrogating the culprit based on her family’s allegations.

The deceased’s father asserted that she and the accused used to converse on the phone. His daughter was killed after being taken hostage by him. There is also a possibility that she was raped. The police, however, are probing homicide from the perspective of honour killing and murder to suicide.

Her relatives and local villagers organised a protest and placed her dead body in the schoolyard. They asked for restitution, the termination of all school employees, an inquiry by senior police officials, and immediate arrest of the perpetrator.

Her post-mortem could not be performed under the difficult circumstances. Ramratan Meena has been arrested and is currently being questioned. The school has suspended him along with other male members of the staff.

BJP slammed Congress

Rajendra Singh Rathore, the leader of the opposition in the Rajasthan assembly, attacked the administration over the occurrence and asserted that crime against women has increased in the state under the reign of Congress.

He voiced, “The safety of women has become the biggest question today under Congress rule. Another girl was raped and murdered in Sawai Madhopur. This incident of throwing the dead body into the well is shameful to humanity. This incident is also a question mark on the law and order of the state.”

The Bharatiya Janata Party lawmaker representing Churu Constituency criticised the government’s announcement of the ‘Indira Gandhi Smartphone’ scheme for women on 10 August and added that girls and women in the state needed justice more than smartphones.


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