Suvendu Adhikari alleges that TMC is not allowing formation of Panchayat Boards where BJP has won

Suvendu Adhikari alleges that TMC is not allowing formation of Panchayat Boards where BJP has won


On Friday, August 11, Bhartiya Janata Party MLA and Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the West Bengal Assembly, Suvendu Adhikari alleged that the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) is creating hurdles in the formation of Panchayat boards in areas where the BJP has won. 

Taking to X, Adhikari said that just as coal cannot be washed clean, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her “pet” administration cannot align with the democratic norms. He goes on to assert that CM Mamata Banerjee’s approach to fetch power by all possible means has undermined democracy.

“As the famous saying goes – “A leopard doesn’t change its spots” or as we say in Bengali; “coal can’t be washed clean”; similarly Mamata Banerjee & her pet Administration can never conform to Democratic Norms. Her autocratic approach to grab power by any means has undermined Democracy on every possible occasion,” Suvendu Adhikari wrote on X.

Adhikari further alleged that after the TMC unleashed violence in the state to undemocratically grab power in the recently held Panchayat elections, the party is hell-bent on derailing Panchayat board formation. He added that even some of the Block Development Officers (BDOs) are also involved in the conspiracy. He added that these BDOs are involved in granting an unfair benefit to the TMC. 

“After unleashing unabated State-Sponsored Violence for the last couple of months to grab power undemocratically in the Panchayat Elections, now they are creating hurdles in those places where the BJP has won the majority. They want to derail the formation of Panchayat Boards by hook or by crook. Even some BDOs are co-conspirators. They are defying rules to extend unfair advantage to the TMC Party,” Adhikari wrote. 

Suvendu Adhikari further mentioned some recent incidents to substantiate his claims. 

“BJP Candidates have gained majority in the Krishnapur Gram Panchayat; Mandirbazar Block. The Panchayat Board was to be formed today, but the BDO postponed it citing “security reasons due to lack of adequate Police Force”. The actual reason is that the BDO helped the TMC Party gain some additional time, which they would utilise by intimidating & threatening the BJP Members hoping that they might crossover due to the fear of dire consequences,” Suvendu Adhikari wrote.

The Nandigram MLA further mentioned similar incidents from Kukrahati and Sagarpara Gram Panchayat.

“In Kukrahati; Sutahata Block, the Mamata Police SDPO Rahul Pandey entered the premises during the Board Formation and nabbed the BJP Members so that they can’t participate in the process. BJP Members of the Sagarpara Gram Panchayat; Jalangi Block, have been attacked during the Board Formation process. Some have broken noses and blood stains on their clothes. Women members were also not spared,” Adhikari’s post on X reads.

The BJP MLA closed his long tweet by pointing out the irony that people who are slaughtering democracy in West Bengal every single day are calling on to ‘Save Democracy’ in Parliament while exploiting Manipur for political gain.

During the panchayat elections in Nandigram, East Midnapore district, the BJP inflicted the ruling TMC a major setback. In Nandigram, considered Suvendu Adhikari’s stronghold, the BJP won several gram panchayat areas in Nandigram I and II blocks.

Taking to X, the Nandigram MLA boasted the saffron surge and informed that the BJP has formed Panchayat Boards in 11 out of 17 panchayats in Nandigram blocks I and II.

“Saffron surge in Nandigram. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the People of Nandigram for electing Bharatiya Janata Party Candidates in the Panchayat Elections. Today, with the blessings of the Electorate of Nandigram, Bharatiya Janata Party has formed 11 out of the 17 Gram Panchayats in the Nandigram I & II Blocks. Other than this, we have also extended our support to like-minded Members to form one more Gram Panchayat Board in the Nandigram Block I,” Suvendu Adhikari wrote.


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