Rajasthan: Dalit man beaten, made to lick shoes, and urinated upon, Congress MLA and a DSP booked

Rajasthan: Dalit man beaten, made to lick shoes, and urinated upon, Congress MLA and a DSP booked


In the Jaipur district of Rajasthan, a Dalit man has alleged that Congress MLA Gopal Meena and Jamwa Ramgarh Deputy Superintendent of Police Shivkumar Bharadwaj urinated on him, forced him to lick their shoes, assaulted and hurled casteist abuses on him.

A case has been registered against four persons including Congress MLA Gopal Meena and DSP Bharadwaj. On Thursday (August 10) victim Raju Prasad Nayak addressed the media and alleged that he is being threatened and pressured by the Congress MLA to withdraw the case and ‘settle’ the matter.

As per reports, Raju Prasad Nayak, 51, who worked on his farm in Todalari Aandhi village, said the incident occurred on June 30, and he remained silent out of fear. According to Nayak, some police officers arrived on the afternoon of June 30 when he and his wife were working on the farm. The cops allegedly escorted him to the home of Congress MLA Gopal Meena. The victim further alleged that he was held captive in a room and ruthlessly thrashed by police officers. He went on to say that when he begged for mercy, DSP Bharadwaj urinated on him and questioned how he dared to enter his farm without paying the bribe to Congress MLA from Jamwa Ramgarh. 

Furthermore, the Dalit victim alleged that he was subsequently taken to a hall where MLA Gopal Meena allegedly asked Nayak to lick and clean his shoes, saying that only then would he be permitted to leave. Consequently, the victim, left with no choice, reportedly cleaned the Congress MLA’s shoes with his tongue and was then allowed to leave.

He further claimed that while he leaving, DSP Bharadwaj threatened the victim not to return to his farm in Todalari again or he will be killed. The DSP allegedly boasted that it is his government and his MLA and that nobody can harm them. The DSP reportedly said that Gopal Meena is the king of Jamwa Ramgarh and he only makes decisions pertaining to the posting of police personnel there.

According to reports, the victim was forced clean Congress MLA’s shoes in the presence of former MLA Dr Param and retired DGP Navdeep Singh.

Victim Raju Prasad Nayak also claimed that after the horrific treatment by the Congress MLA and Jamwa Ramgarh DSP, he tried to file a complaint against them, however, the police refused to do so. Eventually, the victim approached the court which directed the police to register a case against the accused persons, subsequently, an FIR was registered at Jamwa Ramgarh police station on July 27 under sections 190, 363, 143, 448, 323, 342, 506, 509 IPC and sections 3 (1) (R) (S) 3 (2) (VA).

The police have said that an investigation into the matter is underway. As the matter involves a Congress MLA, the investigation is being conducted by Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID).

Meanwhile, MLA Gopal Meena has claimed that it is a case of land dispute. He also refuted the allegations leveled against him by the Dalit man saying that he does not even know him.


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